Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mystery Of The Coax Cable

Most people move into their homes. Place their furniture in the desired location. Place their TV where the coax line is coming from, just to plug it in and have no clue where it is going. Ok, maybe not most people, but us for sure. We moved in three and a half years ago. There was a coax line coming straight up through the carpet (crawl space) in the Master. Also one in the wall. The living room had NONE...oh except there was a face plate cover. We had dish installed and had the guy just put it where we wanted it. Well, now we've moved the furniture a more desired location, only now the TV is not where the coax line is. We have put this mystery off too long. Yesterday we removed the living room "face plate" to find an open ended coax cable sticking out. Where does it go? That was the question. So yesterday we explored the crawl space, and two separate attic openings. One was sealed shut. My amazing hubby sifted through all that insulation and found the mystery coax. We're hoping it will work if we hook it up to the dish and receiver. Wish us luck on that one. The point of this. It was quite the job. Whooh.

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