Monday, January 25, 2010

A Terrible Two Argument

Do you ever have "arguments" with your child that go something like this:

Mom: "Come here Mycah. Lets change your wet diaper."....sitting there with new dry diaper in hand.

Mycah: "NO! I NOT wet."

Mom: "Yes, you are, come here, lets change it."

Mycah: (nasty look in her eyes) "No"

Mom: "Ok, fine, wear a wet diaper, I don't care" (proceed to get up from the floor)

Mycah: (in hysterics) "Noooo.....Change Me! Change Me!"

Mom: "Ok Mycah, this is your last chance" (back on the floor with dry diaper) "come here"

Mycah: "NO!"

Nothing more said from me, I get up from the floor and proceed to do other things. As I'm doing this, she is throwing a MAJOR tantrum at my legs. Of course this is unacceptable behavior and she gets to have her tantrum in her room. After screaming there for a few minutes she comes out and says "change my diaper?". Of course she lets me.

Question: WHY did this process have to be so draining and time consuming???? It would have been sooooooo much easier if she would have just let me change it the first time. This seems to be a typical thing with Mycah. This is the SAME argument we have when trying to potty train! So NOT Successful! It is so annoying. She is turning Three in a month, which experience reminds me that those terrible two's last from 18months old to just about 4!!!!! Yay! My goal, get her potty trained when she turns 3. The diapers are coming off, and she can walk around the house NUDE! She knows where to put it, she just needs to buck up and put it there.


  1. Lydia does the same thing...though not with potty stuff, just with random things. She was easy to potty train, I got lucky with that. it's stuff like putting things in her hair, she asks me too, then gets mad when I do, so I take it out and she gets mad.
    I don't understand children some times

  2. Oh the joys of potty training! I think it is probaby my least favorite thing to do!