Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Baby Is Crawling

I swear, the more kids I have, the faster time goes by. Just last week Logan turned 8 months old. Yesterday, he finally figured out how to put one hand in front of the other and started crawling! I thought my house was "baby proof"? Ummm, not as good as I thought. Just yesterday evening, he discovered the chords coming out of the computer. He figured out its not so easy going after toys in the kitchen because the floor is slippery. He made his way into my bathroom. And he figured out that his sisters leave "goodies" all over the place. This morning he went after Mycah's toast. Lets just be glad I don't let my girls have any toys that are potential "choke-ables". At least that I'm aware of. All I have to say is, this boy is going to keep me on my toes.

He is now eating baby food like a pro. He is starting with some finger foods and loves it. This morning he had some chunks of blueberry muffin. He is on a pretty strict schedule. If he gets off of it, he's grumpy, if he stays on it, he's happy. The nights are improving, he didn't wake up once last night. I've got him sleeping in bigger diapers and warmer clothing. I think it also helped that I fed him a big bowl of cereal before bed.

Here is some video of him crawling this morning.


  1. it's so fun to see them reach each milestone! watch out boys get into least mine does...i never baby proofed anything with ayla, and then peyton came along and gets into everything he is supposed to! definitely keeps you on your fun!

  2. Super cute! Colt has zero interest in crawling - he hates to be on his belly -so for now he just sits there. Which is okay with me :) But your little guy looks adorable!