Sunday, February 7, 2010

Some Randomness

So not a ton of "New" things going on here. We are probably like most families, just living the day-to-day life. Alex is super slammed with homework. I feel really bad for him. Sometimes I wish I could just do some of it for him. On top of that, he is getting sick again. Just over a week ago he lost his voice, and struggled sleeping due to plugged up sinuses. That lasted for about a week. Then he seemed to be better until Friday it started up again. I hope it passes fast. He really has so much to do.

Here are some pictures of my girls. They helped me make a chocolate cake for Alex's birthday. Of course the fun part was eating the batter.

This next picture has a little story. It is a picture of my girls' room. Notice how nice and clean? Well, while I was pretty sick and "out of it". I needed to figure out how to keep the messes to a minimum. I realize what my girls do the most is Dress UP! Only, in their every day clothes! They pull them out. Put them on. Take them off. Pull out more. Etc... So I decided they have "lost" the privilege of having clothes in their room. I moved their dresser into Logan's room and hung all their dresses in his closet. PROBLEM SOLVED. No clothing in their room! Notta one! Considering Logan spends a pretty good chunk of every day napping, and they aren't allowed in there, messes are MUCH smaller. Nice huh? Now the messes that ARE made, are contained to toys and bedding. Much easier.

As far as this pregnancy goes. All is well. The sickness has died down. Still a bit tired, but I'm not dragging every day. I have tried "mini goals" (suggested by my Sister-in-Law). 1- Shower every day. 2.- Wash my hair every-other day. 3.- Clean my house no more than twice a day. 4.- Take it easy. I still have moments when I want to pull all my hair out and drop kick the kids all the way to who cares, but that is easily remedied when I see their innocent smiles. I am "starting" to show, if you really wanna call it that. I never really stopped showing from the last one. I have a doughnut that wraps around my whole waist. I am trying to hide it under hoodies until it has defined itself to baby bump status. No feeling of life yet. More to come.


  1. Anna - Your grey shirt you wore to church today was adorable! Every pregnant woman needs one in these early weeks where our "bumps" aren't quite a "belly" yet. :) You look super cute - so great job on the mini goals!

  2. Yeah, I agree on the bump thing. It's like your just fat until you have a bump. That's how I felt anyways!

  3. Putting all their clothes in Logan's room... genius!! Why didn't I come up with that one?!!

  4. Seriously get Alex a netti pot! It sounds gross but cleared my sinuses in 2 days!