Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What Am I Having?

So today was the day. The big reveal. I am 18 1/2 weeks along. We arrived on time, were seen a 1/2 hour late. Kids were all over the place and each had their own tantrum at different times. I was also in a bit of a bad mood due to "other" stuff, and the fact I hadn't had lunch yet. No matter! I get to find out what this little bundle is!

Baby was measured. Everything is looking good. Dr. put that ultrasound thing in the necessary area....and wouldn't you know, baby decided it was a good time to tuck itself up in to a tight corner and keep its legs crossed!! Oh yah, with umbilical chord tucked nicely between the legs! I moved to my left side, then to my right. We poked at little baby on my belly. " C'mon, uncross those legs." Bless the Dr., he tried really hard, but we were left with no definitive answer. So guess what? I get to wait another month. I did get a good look at the "hoo hoo" that was showing...and there was nothing "showing off" so chances are it could be a girl. I just want to hold all hope I have left that its a boy. So I will try really patiently to wait another month. Baby did wave HI. Here is the arm and hand.

I got in the car afterward and had to cry. I was glad the baby is looking really good, but pretty bummed to leave with no answer. Alex is pretty sure its a girl, which I'm sorry, makes me also a bit bummed. I'm sure I'll get over it soon enough. I had to take myself through the McDonald's drive-through and wallow my Pregnant Bumm into a burger, fries, Dr.Pepper, and 3 cookies, just to stop my pitty-party! So I guess in a month, I will know.


  1. Augh! That is so disappointing!! I would've cried too. What a bummer Anna! I'm so sorry you still don't know. Hang in there.

  2. I'd kill for an ultrasound that was a girl....

    Sorry that you didn't find out, that's super frustrating, hopefully you'll find out next month

  3. If it is a girl Ill take her :)

    As much as you want a boy, little girls are SO FUN and SO CUTE and you never know how different this girl might be from your others. Maybe she will be sleepy and quiet and super mellow. And maybe a little boy would turn out wild and crazy. You just never know until they are here exactly what you have on your hands -- I mean, look at Brigitte. The girl is wilder than any boy ive ever seen.

    And it just MIGHT be another boy! It will be fun to see next month for sure. I know the wait is agonizing...but at least youll have time to prepare for either outcome!

  4. I bet its a boy!... Because Hudson needs a boy cousin his age to play with!... but if its a girl they will be buddies too :) ...Don't worry a month will go by fast, in fact, before we know it your lil bundle of joy will be here!

  5. Oh shoot dawg! I wanted to know too! But can I say that I love your new blog background and mom lady?! Super cute! I would have a hard time with that too. I am sorry it didn't work out.

  6. Anna,
    I know exactly how you feel! Our ultrasound tech didn't know what our baby was either - it had its legs crossed too. But we've always thought this was a girl and she said she "thought" it might be a girl, so that's what we're going with. But then she kept saying over and over how she couldn't get a profile shot on the baby, and how we'd need to come back in a month to get a profile shot and find out the sex. I'll tell ya - nothing like a WORRY FEST when they tell you they can't see something they ought to! I was thinking the whole time: What... does my baby not have a nose or something!?! It is NOT a pleasant thought to think that the little one you're carrying inside of you might not be perfect in every single way... So I did my fair share of crying too after the ultrasound. I guess we've got 2 more weeks to go to make sure it's a girl AND it's got a nose! I'm sure there's no sense in worrying, but you know how us moms get!
    Hang in there girl!

  7. Bummer! A month is like forever in pregnancy time! It'll go by fast though and I can't wait to hear in a month what you are having... hopefully baby is ready to show all by then because that would really be a bummer!

  8. Friend that is not okay! I'm so sorry I would be a bawling mess too. I still think there is a little man part waiting to be seen:)