Friday, March 26, 2010

Seriously? CNN?

I know most of my friends who read this blog are probably not too political. I wouldn't say that I'm big into politics either, but in the last couple years I have become extremely interested in where is country is headed. Probably due to our terrible economic state. It has affected my family and friends personally and I feel it is directly related to our failing Government Institution, and the failing of our Constitution. I know there is a ton of controversy going on right now. I am definitely on the side of the "conservatives". I have noticed that "main-stream Media" is very "byes" with what they represent. I was very surprised to see anyone on CNN take a "hit" at our current...Corrupt....Presidency. Check this out, its pretty short.


  1. It is really sad to see our government who was elected by the people not listen to nor represent the people. Thanks for sharing..David will sure get a kick out of it as he is way more into the politics than me but is making me aware of where our country is headed.

  2. Anna I am just sick about all of this.... that's all I can say! Although I am VERY surprised that this clip actually came from CNN.