Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can You Believe I Am Half Way There?

That's right! I am 20 Weeks Prego!

The Big 2 - 0

Little Baby....still unknown what you are, is now around 6 inches in length, or about the size of and eggplant. I feel movement most when I am laying back, relaxed on my bed, chowing down on something yummy. Limbs are grown, and from your last ultrasound...you are looking really healthy. Unfortunately, you seem to be a little shy on film, and won't flash us a view. So hopefully in two weeks you will get over it, because I'm dieing to know what to name you.
My body isn't too excited about the "take over".
It never really had time to recover from little "big" brother.
Veins are popping out worse than they ever have! To top it off, they are very sore. My rib cage and hips know exactly what to do......Spread! Causing my butt to flatten, yes, pants won't stay up anymore. A new occurrence...Charley horses in my foot.
You must love sugar, because I have a hard time eating anything else. And whats up with the Dr. Pepper kick? I used to have self control, that is now out the window.
Well baby, if I am 20 weeks along, it really means I'm less because you WILL be evicted as early as safely possible. Until then, here's to hoping still you are a boy, with blue eyes, dark skin, and BLOND hair :)
(I can dream right?)


  1. ha ha... ! And I'll keep dreaming that one day we will have a brown-eyed dark haired little baby girl! :) We can all dream though, right?

  2. I've never had vericose veins but it sounds absolutely horrible. I hope these next twenty weeks (or less than that) go by quickly.

  3. Congratulations Anna! Half way! Except it sounds like you've only finished the easy half. Dark skin and blue eyes and blonde hair? I'm sorry is that even humanly possible? In general blonde hair and blue eyes is a genetic guarantee for fair skin. But keep on dreaming I guess. :)