Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kinda In a Bad Mood

So it seems that lately, I have nothing to blog about. Nothing new. Nothing exciting. I'm sure I am like most everyone else. I go day to day. Doing almost the same things. Arguing the same arguments with my kids. Cleaning. Cooking. Laundry. You know, the usual. Being Prego, I have found that I can go from having a great day, to being in a bad mood. All it takes is a whiny child, or a spouse who likes to stir up drama. That's me now. I need a little venting, but I find there really isn't much to vent about. I'm just in a "mood". You'd think a bowl of ice cream and a late night with McDreamy might fix that. Not really.............don't have em'. So here I am, blogging. What a bore huh. I might stay up late, just to get a break....but those mornings come early, so its a toss up. So for now, I will dream of somewhere Tropical. Sun on my skin. Ice cold pineapple something. A massage. Painted toe nails. Ocean view. Skinny body that has energy to play sand volley ball or dance my rear off. Oh lets not forget.....no kids for a week :) Then I can come back to them...in a great mood, and ready to be mommy again. Sound good?

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