Monday, April 19, 2010

Test from "H", and Other things

This entire weekend has been a little crazy. As Alex ends the final round to his Master's Degree, he is becoming very busy with homework, tests, papers, projects, online discussions, and SO ON. Ok, so this last weekend he had an At Home Test. It consisted of 5 essay-ish questions. The answers were to be about 5 pages each, making it a 30 page project!! Ughh! He went to the library Saturday and pretty much worked on it all day. That night we took the kids out for ice-cream. He resumed his test Sunday morning. There was no way he could go to church, so I packed up the kids and went to my Mom's house for the entire day so that Alex could have a nice quiet house to himself. We got home around 7, I threw the kids in the shower and put them right to bed. Alex wasn't done and in short ended up staying up the WHOLE night finishing it!! He is done with that part and will be on to something else soon. We can't wait until he is done! Can I just say I have married an amazing person! Alex has been in school consistently every semester and summer since we've been married!! All the while, being the bread-winner. That is 7 years folks! What an accomplishment! It will be nice to have a husband around who doesn't have homework to worry about.

Here are some pictures of the kids:

This is how Mycah gets a nap...."I tired Mommy"....."I wanna watch a movie"......she lays down on the couch and ZONKS!

Yesterday at my parents house, Logan got to drive around with Grandpa on the Lawn Tractor. He LOVED it!

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