Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, Lately I've been feeling pretty pregnant. When I stand from sitting, I actually feel the weight in my "so-called" abdomen pull me down and forward. I'm slowly progressing to "waddle" status. (Goodbye high heels....ok, so I said goodbye to those when I got pregnant with my first) And what is up with my feet?? They hurt!...bad! This is something either way new, or I never made note of before. Food is a pain. After feeding everyone else in the house, it doesn't matter how hungry I am, I just can't bring myself to make an effort on my own behalf. I know fast food is terrible...but thank you to whoever invented Drive've saved me from prep work, cooking and cleaning. Oh and the added bonus of getting out of my house without getting "gussied-up"....(sorry drive-through window person who has to see). I can't seem to go a day without craving something yummy in the form of Dr. Pepper, this will pose a problem when baby comes out. Life in our house is pretty simple and not too eventful. We are excited for Spring and Summer...ok who is saying we? ME. Sending the kids outside will be the highlight of my day! Oh and on a random note...Logan is now upgraded to "pillow" status. He loves it!!

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  1. I LOVE those pictures. Such cute kids! Way to go Alex, what a lot of determination that all took to be in school so long. Thank goodness for a supportive wife. He couldn't have done it without you Anna.