Friday, May 14, 2010

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

If you are not familiar with the story, it is basically about a man with a split personality, split in the sense that within the same person, there is both an apparently good and an evil personality each being quite distinct from the other. I've discovered that my very own son is just this. You may not believe me. You may be thinking, "but he's always so behaved when I see him." That is because you know my little "Mr. Hyde". Somewhere in the recent days I have meet "Dr. Jekyll". He gets into these screaming tantrums for no apparent reason. He won't be fed. He won't be held. He will NOT be happy. Driving me to my whits end, all I can do is put him in a "time out" to gather myself. Yesterday he was on one again. Alex was home to witness the event. So the video here is of my sweet, loving, playful.....Mr. Hyde!...who later moves onto Dr. Jekyll!

There was no solution. I grabbed my camera after he had been on this tantrum for a while. Ignore the rubbing of the's not tired. He just woke up from a nice long nap. He woke up fine. He even sat in his high chair and ate some snacks till he didn't want anymore.

My Mr. Hyde

My Dr. Jekyll


  1. Sometimes Colt acts the same way. Isn't it crazy? Our sweet little babies... :( Good thing they're so cute :)

  2. LOL!! Oh my. That's hilarious. I sympathize with you though! Dagon likes to throw himself on the floor and flop around. 90% of the time he ends up hitting his head on something then screaming forever b/c he's hurt. You'd think they would learn!
    I love that Logan stopped crying when the door was open. too funny.

  3. Wow, your son is hilarious. Thats like Kieron when he wants his toy and I make him wait until he slows down. Your girls are funny as well. That was great.

  4. Sorry, Its Kortnee. I don't know why it says Jordan.