Monday, May 17, 2010

Stepford Soldier!!

Summer is here! Alex is home, and with it....a Tight Run Ship. No, Alex is not a military man, but if he was, I'm sure he could show those folks a thing or two (no kidding). I tell you what, I love my husband to pieces, but there is definitely an adjustment period when he gets out for summer vacation. For example, if you know Alex well, you know he doesn't sit still well. He's always gotta be doing something. Saturday he emptied my bathroom drawers and cupboards because "they were too cluttered". Since I was out that evening, I had no say. But....I did come home to a VERY clean house! At some point, I will need to go through the sacks he put all my things in. Today, he thought it was time to go through the kids toys, clothes and closets. Luckily I'm pretty organized with that stuff, but it didn't stop him, we did collect a small box of toys for donation and a bag of clothes and shoes. To top off the "excitement", I made an attempt at potty training Mycah today. There were a few which required me to clean all the toy dishes and the bin they were in. Alex mowed the lawn. He also did about 5 loads of laundry, dishes, and other things today. I'm sure he'll come up with more things tomorrow. We'll see. If anyone decides to drop by, don't be surprised if the the house is immaculate!!! I've married a STEPFORD wife/Soldier!

(Love you Alex, but, Its all true)


  1. Jason is the same way. Then he crashes and won't do jack!

  2. Yay! Aren't they awesome when they do that!
    Adam got in "the mood" the other day and went through our computer deleting all kinds of things, music, pictures...our hard drive was full. Let's just say we have plenty of space now, but a lot of my good old music is gone! Frank Sinatra will be needing to make a house call soon somehow...
    I love that you get Alex home all summer! Jealous! But enjoy it!

  3. I have never experienced a stepford soldier -you better eat it up! :)

  4. Too bad your house isn't even dirty to clean and organize in the first place. When Alex gets bored send him to my house. I've got some baby clothes he can organize.

  5. That's awesome! I've been wanting to do that for months, and just haven't jumped into those closets yet. Wanna come visit my home?