Sunday, May 2, 2010


I feel sometimes that life is one big roller coaster. We have our ups, then all of a sudden we come down. We turn a corner, we make a slow climb, sometimes we see clearly, other times not so much. No matter the elevation, or the speed at which we travel, we are always moving. Life doesn't stop so that we can turn back and change our mind. It doesn't pause so we can fix and regather ourselves. I've noticed that my life roller coaster is no different than many, and quite a bit easier than others. Some decisions were easy. Others were not. I've had my downs and I've had my ups. Lately, I've had a few lemons added to my basket. This is nothing new. It happens. We all get them. For some reason, today I can't seem to find any "sugar" to offset the sour. I probably shouldn't go into the details, so instead of sit and complain to all my friends and family (who all have lemons of their own), I've decided that I will blog the many things that I DO appreciate right now.

1. A loving Husband who works EXTREMELY hard to support our family financially and spiritually.
2. A loving Husband who works so that I can be at home with four precious children.
3. A loving Husband who serves the Lord.
(notice the direction?)
4. A roof over our heads
5. The Gospel
6. My children
7. My children taking naps :)
8. My children laughing and playing
9. Motherhood and the lessons it constantly teaches me.
10. My trials, because I know on the other side of trials are Blessings.

So while I try to muster up some "sugar" today, I will try to remember that this life roller coaster is taking me somewhere good. And that someday I'll be able to look back and realize those ups and downs will not end me....just get me to my ultimate goal .... JOY.

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