Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inheriting Some "Vintage"

So here it is. I was raised on a farm. I lived in a double-wide up through High School graduation. We didn't have alot growing up. But we did have memories!! Many of those memories came in the Mountains!! We camped. We fished. We pretty much roughed it, always in a tent. I don't think I even understood the concept of cabins or campers. I even remember the first time I saw a camper, I thought....what luxury!

Alex was also raised on a farm with countless camping memories. This is something we really want to share with our own kids. We've tent camped, and we've also had the opportunity to borrow my Grandpa's "over-the-truck" camper when we venture into the "colder" area of Redfish Lake. Luxury indeed. Now, I'm pretty insistent that we NEED a camper in order to do as much camping as we'd like. Fact: Babies, sleep SOOOOO much better! Fact: Children also sleep great! Fact: Mommy is happy not to have to be up with all the children and babies every night of the camp out due to the cold. Hot weather Fact: (if A/C is supplied), babies get much needed naps INSIDE the camper.

Now....Meet 1968 Chevy One Ton!
Completely Equip with "Vintage" Camper.
Cost: Zero
Source: Inherited from Twin Brother who inherited it from Grandpa Beal.

Oh yes, it is a beast. It is old. It drives no faster than 45mph. It is a GAS HOG!! and NO one else in the family wants it! Surprise, Surprise.

It comes equip with new brakes, some newer tires, and has a mechanic as its new owner.

One little problem, we can't decide weather to keep it or not. I've searched TONS of comps online, and we probably wouldn't get much for it. I'm thinkin...$300 to $800 MAX. Truly, if it weren't for the dumb truck, I'd keep that camper and have no problem fixing it up. Alex's truck could never carry the load, so its kind of a package deal.

The camper is pretty roomy. Roomy enough for now. Since it was "Free", I think we'll hold on to it for now, I'm just afraid we'll put money into something that may not be worth it. And, in order for me to want to sleep in it I will be painting, making new curtains, replacing the OLD mattress, light fixtures, reupholstering the cushions, and doing something with that floor. I'm not sure if it would be smart to keep the existing furnace, its pretty old. And for the HOT weather we have here, it needs an A/C.

What would you do??


  1. ha ha!! Oh Anna... I don't think I am equipped to answer your question!! I for sure wouldn't keep it but then we rarely go camping and when we do, we're in colorado and I like the old fashioned tent camping! That and I would have NO WHERE to store that thing! SO, with that said.. I'm not equipped to answer!
    Good Luck!!

  2. I would totally keep it - at least until you've camped in it at least once. And don't worry about replacing anything until after that trip - you may find it's perfect. It's so vintage and cool anyhow...

  3. I didn't know any of that stuff about you! I LOVE IT. Your trailor is awesome and much needed I agree.

  4. I think that you should just park it in the backyard and let the kids use it as a club house, you just have to disconnect all of the gas lines and things like that. Dejah and Mycah would love it!


  5. I love the retro look and the floor is great! I agree that you should try it out at least once and then make your decision. I also spent time as a youth in a double wide trailer and didn't have too much of anything...good times though! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cool Pictures, Who's that young girl in the tent pictures with the 3 kids? Just kidding.
    You know the retro look it totally back in style. All you need is some new curtins, accent throw pillows, cute bedding and your totally hip.

  7. Grandma says: If you are going camping, rough it. If you want comfort, stay home. It's the roughing it that makes home so comfortable. Looks to me like you have a fun gift.

  8. I love it. We had one like that when I was growing up. When family would come to visit and we didn't have enough room - the kids got to sleep outsdie in the camper :)Looks like fun.

  9. Anna, other than maybe a new mattress and curtains I would call it good. Free is free and if your camping there is no need to fix anything more than those two things. It looks awesome for as old as it is! Darrell says he would gladly take it off your hands. ;)

  10. Wow! I don't know....I'll just say good luck with whatever you decide :)

  11. I don't think I would re-do anything. Maybe a new mattress, but honestly your camping. It's going to get super dirty and gross. Do you really want to spend money on fixing it up? Plus maybe it's just because I grew up camping in it, but I like it.

  12. Anna, I don't know you very well, but keep it! Alex, will keep it fixed and the kids will ALWAYS remember it.