Sunday, June 13, 2010

Arco Craziness!

So!... for the past few years, we... (as in Alex's family)... have kind of started this new tradition of having EVERYONE go home to Arco to celebrate Alex's Dad's Birthday. Its always crazy fun! Lets just give you a visual...

Mom & Dad Beal PLUS 9 Children of their own. 1 of them on a mission, 2 still at home, 6 married with children.

Total Head Count: 37!!!

17 of them children and BABIES!

All stuffed into a 4 Bedroom house! Yikes!

Anyway, Alex and I went a day earlier than everyone else. Why not? Alex is off, and we can get some Grandma & Grandpa time before the rest of the crew arrives. Friday evening everyone meet at the Craters of the Moon, which is about 20 min. away, and had a picnic and hike. This all started around 6pm. Of course I didn't really participate in the hike. I've done it before when I was prego with Dejah and I was dieing afterward. So I knew better and headed back to the house with baby Logan. We were REALLY bad at getting any pictures, but here are a couple I found via Internet of the Lava Tube that Alex took our girls through.

The picnic was a little chilly, so I ate my dinner in the car while Logan did his FAVORITE thing....stand in the drivers seat and pretend to drive!

That night was absolutely nuts! All the kids stayed up later than usual, and of course so did everyone else. This is the FUNNEST part of the whole trip. The Adults sat around and gabbed and laughed till 2 in the morning. It really is the highlight of the trip...oh and lets not forget the millions of calories available for the eating! Everyone finally found a floor, bed or camper and zonked. Next day...I don't think I saw Dejah more than twice she was so busy playing and having fun with her cousins. We left later that evening, and others stayed. Happy Birthday Seth! And Shelley, thanks a MILLION times over for having us! It was Crazy Fun!

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