Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Why Do Friends Have To Move?

Almost 4 years ago, we moved to Kuna from Laramie Wyoming. We bought a small starter home. Dejah had just turned 2, and I was pregnant with #2. Well, just two doors down was the Moore family. They also just moved in. Heidi had a little baby girl who I had the pleasure of babysitting for a little bit. Our two girls grew quickly and are great little friends. Soon Mycah came, then sometime after, her second little girl came. Now they are great little friends. We've had a great time with the Moores. Birthday parties, Football games, BBQ's, bon fires, movies, snow boarding, dinner and games...you name it! We are so sad to see them go and wish them the best of luck!

Dejah and Taylen

Mailey and Mycah

And I do have to make a big shout out to blogging and facebook so that we don't lose touch completely!


  1. Those are adorable pictures of all the girls! Looks like lots of good fun. Tell the Moores good luck from us as well-we knew they were job hunting and it sounds like it all worked out.

  2. We will miss you guys too Anna! Taylen will miss Dejah, I am sure of it!