Saturday, June 19, 2010

Seriously...THE BEST DAD!

When I met Alex, I knew he was great! But I'll be honest with you, I didn't really know HOW GREAT he really was. He is a blessing to me straight from above. We have the funnest little bunch of monkeys that Love their Daddy to bits! He is so good with them. Somewhere between being fun, he also doesn't put up with the whining. He teaches them, and he spoils them. Ice-Cream cones, outings in the mountains, breakfast and fun, even just "getting out of Mom's hair". He is the BEST!
Here are the things he always does for me:
TONS of dishes and laundry. He cleans up my bathroom messes. Makes the bed every day. Feeds the kids. Changes lots of diapers. Folds clothes. Sweeps the constant mess on the kitchen floor and in the high chair. Vacuums. Scrubs toilets. De clutters- Everything! Keeps the lawn cared for. Repairs anything that breaks. Fixes our cars. Builds me a fence. Keeps finances. Works hard to provide so that I can stay home. He rubs my back. He rubs my feet. When we can, he takes me on surprise "outings" overnight. He does so much more, and deserves all that a wife can give. Thank you Alex for the wonderful years. You really are THE BEST DAD, and THE BEST HUSBAND.
Have a Happy Fathers Day!

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