Monday, June 21, 2010

Swimming Lessons

I must say...its about time. Dejah is going on 6 and has never had swimming lessons. My Sister and I decided this was the year. So, I finally enrolled my girls in some swimming lessons at the Meridain Pool. They have completed week 1 and have one more to go. Its been so fun for them. Dejah is doing really well in her group lessons. Lucky for Mycah her "group" ended up just being her. So she's getting "private" lessons for the cost of group.

The pool is warm. So this weather hasn't been much of a problem.

Dejah is getting braver. She'll put her face in the water. We even got her to go down the water slide twice. Of course she cried when the water shot up her nose, but she got a lot of praise from us for her efforts!

Practicing arm strokes.

Kick, Kick, Kick!

Alex chillin' in the shade while trying to keep Logan away from the water. On Friday they let me take Logan to the kiddy pool. I waded and he sat in a float enjoying every minute!

I love swimming pools! I wish I wasn't big....fat...and prego so I could enjoy some pool time. There is no way a soul will see me in a swim suit this summer :)

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