Sunday, July 4, 2010

Burnt By A Sparkler

Yes, it was Mycah who got burnt by the sparkler. Who else but our most accident prone child?
So the day started at 9:30am. I took the girls to downtown Boise so they could be in the 4th of July parade. Alex took Logan to my parents to help my Dad fix the sewer and septic system.
I rode in the cow train with the girls. It was fun.

While riding along, I saw my Sister and her little family watching the parade!

After the parade was over. I took the girls to my parents while Alex finished up. My parents were packed and ready to go to Twin Falls to see my other sister for the weekend. Dejah wanted to go, so I had her packed and ready to go with them.
Later that evening we went to a friends house for a BBQ and fun night with Fireworks! There were tons of people there and tons of fun illegal things to keep us all entertained.

When it came time for sparklers, Mycah didn't want to hold hers. Of course, the girl can't make up her mind worth anything and saw the other kids having fun with theirs. I was trying to show her how to hold it. Then she would have a little fit that she didn't want to. Of course as sparklers burnt out. Instantly her fear of the flame was gone and she started throwing a fit that she wanted it!! She reached out and grabbed it out of my hand. And of course as it was still HOT...she grabbed the part that had just been burning moments before. Well that is where her true screaming ability was let loose. She was wailing!!!! I stuck some ice on it, and after a while she calmed down. She basically sat there with her hand in a cup of ice until we left.

Battle wounds a day later.

Well, we thought our kids would really enjoy the fireworks. Truth be told...Logan DID NOT! Of course anything "legal" just sits and screams and pops really loud. He didn't like it one little bit.

Alex moved him away from the street and he was a little more content, but all in all it was really funny because our kids were having NO FUN.

We ended up leaving early. Oh well, fun times!

Hopefully tonight for the actual 4th Alex and I will be able to catch some of the neighborhood fun while our kids sleep in their beds.

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  1. Precisely why I haven't bought any sparklers this year.