Thursday, July 1, 2010

Missing Out On Summer

The girls have been wanting to go camping almost all summer. Lucky for them they have a wonderful Daddy who is totally willing to take them. Unfortunately, I am in no position to camp, and Logan would be a bit of a handful. Yesterday was the day. Alex decided to take them to Silver Creek Plunge. That way they could have fun swimming, camping, playing on the playground, or whatever else. Of course that leaves me here to indulge in whatever "junk" I choose......

Even with the "junk", I cried when they left, and right now I'm a little emotional about it still. There is not enough whoppers, movies, trashy t.v. shows or Dr. Pepper to take the feeling of uselessness away. You see, I love camping. I love outings. I love bike rides. I love swimming. I love wakeboarding. I love vacations, and I LOVE summer...Only, I've pretty much had to say goodbye to this one. And it hit me like a led brick yesterday. Can I just say this totally sucks! Being pregnant is hard enough for me, and here it is again. One right after the other. I feel like I've been in this state since September of 2008 (that's when I got pregnant with Logan). I can't play with my kids. I can hardly hold them. I can't go on walks. I am not sleeping well. All my flowers are dead or dying. And to top it all off, I get to miss out on all the summer fun! Can you tell I'm feeling sorry for myself right now? I just needed a little venting. I know when my girls get back and I hear them fighting and whining at me I'm going to wonder what all my fuss was about.


  1. I am sorry. I hate that feeling.:( Zero fun my friend.

  2. Vent away...I felt the exact same way last year! Enjoy your private time too...I am jealous. I just want work to go away for a while!