Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shoe Shopping

Shoe Shopping...but not for me. Boo (cuz I REALLY need some)! So sometime last week we somehow "lost" one of Logan's shoes. You know how shoes are...they just walk off on their own. So after searching almost everywhere the shoe was nowhere to be found. I decided I will just get him some new ones. It would be easier right??? Well, Dejah has been complaining about her shoes too, so it was time to kill two birds with one stone. Today (after grocery shopping with ALL FOUR), I took three very energetic children and one fussy infant to the shoe store. Now of course I can't remember sizes so the first step was to size up the feet. Done. I started with Dejah. This is where shoe shopping with all four became absolutely nuts! Logan scooped up Dejah's shoes and took off running. Here I'm trying to help Dejah pick out some suitable tennies and the whole time she's asking for these funky bedazzled ones and I'm back and forth chasing after Logan. Lexi is fussing because of course its time for a bottle. My phone rings (sorry Scott...still haven't got back to you). Mycah decides the jewlry is fun to look at, then Logan who was running all over the store decides the jewelry is fun to look at AND fun to touch! Still trying to help Dejah I give up and grab Logan a pair (NO trying on), and Dejah now wants the most expensive boots. By this time I am seriously sweating bullets! (Seriously who needs to work out when you have four small ones? Just go shopping with them!) So I totally gave in to the begging 6 yr. old and her boots (I never do this, but its BOGO and I needed a second item, Boo). Lets just hope we don't have to experience that anytime soon. Seriously I should have bought myself something...it probably would have been cheaper.

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