Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mon, Tues, Wed (Thanksgiving Week)

Alex had the whole week off, and there was no school for Dejah. Lots of fun. Well my parents have taken on their basement. It has been unfinished since they bought it. Slowly they have done sections of it at a time. With the holidays coming up my mom thought it would be nice to have the downstairs kitchen finished. WHAT A JOB THEY TOOK ON!
So anyway, after all that and some...they painted. I got to see it last Sunday and it looked AWFUL! They needed a different color. Since they both work and didn't really have the time, I offered to help. I love to paint (especially without kids disrupting me). Alex took them swimming on Monday, and I painted. Much better. More pictures to come.

So Alex took the older three out to Given's Hot Springs. Its about 30 minutes away and has a good kids pool. I guess they were the only ones there for three hours! The kids LOVED it!!

It snowed!! Of course not what the weather people said it would, but it definitely felt like winter. Our old friends Toby and Kimberly were in town so we took the kids bowling and then to Burger King to play. That evening I went with one of my friends to do a little shopping for Thanksgiving. Alex watched all the kids and we ate pizza later.

We put up our tree. Logan was not too happy about getting excluded. All he wanted to do was pull everything down. Fun times!

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  1. I promise to post pictures once I get internet on my computer again!