Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thursday (Thanksgiving Day)

Usually every year we like to go to Alex's parents' house, this year with the two would have been too much work for me. We decided to stick around and go to my Grandparents' house. There was tons and tons of food and people. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grand kids, Great Grand kids, you name it! Since my Grandma's house isn't very big they convert the Garage into a sort of "dining area". Hey, it works :)

Cousin Jesse playing with the babies.

Alex, my brother David and his friend Gabe chillin' in front of the TV.


Aunt Eileen (my Dad's sister) with one of her Grand babies.

Cousin Kellie with one of her nieces.

My beautiful Mom chatting with my cousin Jordan.

Dejah staring down a wall of pictures of all the great grandkids.

Grandma Ann.

My Dad and Grandpa Harris.

Me and My boyfriend and our first spawn.

It was fun and crazy.
Happy Thanksgiving!


I have never done a black Friday event. My friends insist it is a ton of fun. I was in debate all week weather to go or biggest reason? because it would be an all nighter. I guess old navy was doing their sale until closing at 8pm on Thanksgiving I decided to join in for the evening. We had a pretty good time. All the stuff I would have bought didn't go on sale until 5 in the morning. I just couldn't stay up. I'm already suffering from enough sleep deprivation as it is. I guess they got most all their stuff by midnight, so there was no all nighter. Maybe next year huh.

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