Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hot Springs

We looove swimming!....

So when Alex's sister Mitzi called to see if we wanted to go out to Given's Hot Springs, we were more than happy to join in. We've actually gone there quite a bit. It is only a half hour away. We picked up some Subway sandwiches and large drinks and headed out. The kids have such a fun time because there is a kid area and tons of balls to throw around.

I even got Lexi suited up for the last part of it. Its pretty hard to get a picture with all of us in the pool when there is a baby in each arm.

This is Scott (Mitzi's Husband), and their baby Gabby with Mycah.

Alex and Logan.

Logan is the funniest kid ever. He doesn't want anyone touching him. If you do he throws a screaming fit. Of course he falls and you have to rescue him. So one of us always has to be on his tail following him around. When he wants to go to the deep side he doesn't understand that he has to be held or in a float device. Not a good idea to take him over there because he just gets mad.


  1. Next time you guys go let me know! That would be so much fun! And how do you get your pictures so big on your blog? I've wanted mine like that forever but don't know how to do it! :)

  2. My kids also loved swimming more than anything. I'm so glad you got to have a big time!

  3. One day you'll have to tell me where that is b/c we love swimming too! Looks like so much fun and love Lexi in her little swimsuit!

  4. Ha. There's something about cameras... and phones.... and the computer. They are magnets. The second you pick one up or sit down to work on something, you immediately attract a child... and usually a LOUD child.