Thursday, December 9, 2010


In FOUR days, she will be FOUR MONTHS OLD!

Wish time could stop with her (except in the night department).
She is holding her head up pretty good. She eats really good. And my favorite thing is that she is smiling.
You can tell that she wants to talk but hasn't let her voice out. She actually squawked once and it really startled her.
Those cheeks are irresistible! I could kiss them all day.
She is still the sweetest thing ever. I am so glad to have her in my life.

He is 1 1/2.
Master Kisser!..
...and finally, nursery.
He is the funniest kid and makes me laugh the most.
He gets into EVERYTHING!
He talks, but it is still mostly his own language. He can say "Hi" a thousand times a day.
This morning he tugged on my pants and said..." baff? baff?", it was so cute. What he really meant was...Bath. You see, this kid is the poopiest thing ever! He hates wipes! His bum is almost always rashy. He prefers me washing his behind off in the tub. So that's what I did.
The kid is completely inlove with his blankey. He likes to put it in the little shopping cart and push it around the house. It pretty much goes where he goes.
He wasn't too happy about me taking it from him.
3 yrs old, gonna be 4 in a few months.
Don't let that smile fool you...or melt your little soul like it does to me. She is by far my most difficult one. I still consider her a baby. She takes more of my energy than the younger two combined. I'm thinking if I want to cope with her better I need to set some goals. Maybe, FORCE her to take a nap, and then limit that nap to one hour. More time-outs? It all sounds easier than done. Anyway, she does have a sweet side. I'm hoping it will show up more the older she gets.
I do have a fourth kid..Dejah, but this post is about the "babies"....

and what those "babies" do to me.....

My hair is still falling out. And it makes its way ALL OVER!
Thank you Alex for keeping the complaining to a minimum. ;)


  1. Your babies are SOOO beautiful Anna!!! :-)

  2. I can't believe how big Lexi is! And Logan! He's so cute. I really want to see everybody again!

  3. I was just telling Toby about losing hair yesterday because mine was coming out by the handfuls. He thinks maybe his hormones are out of wack and that's why he's losing his.... yeah right, in his dreams!

  4. Love these darling children so much! I so wish I were closer so I could babysit for you. Thora saved my life. She'd take my kids so I could get away once in awhile and that truly kept my sanity. Even though I'm far away I'd still be willing to take one or all the kids sometime if you'd like a mini vacation.

  5. I think Mycah needs some one on one time. Have Alex babysit the other kids and take Mycah to do something special like get ice cream or something.

  6. You have beautiful babies! Your hair will come just have to stop having babies for a little bit so it has time! :)