Monday, February 7, 2011

Its TERRIBLE and its TWO

Oh my boy! What am I going to do with you? Why do you have to enter my least favorite stage? You know what I'm talking about. Its the "Terrible Twos". I have one word to sum it up, "UGHHH"!

You see this video is just a brief glimpse at Logan when he wakes up. I'm sure its purely because he is related to ME. I absolutely CANNOT function before 7:00am. I am probably the MEANEST person you will seriously EVER meet if I have to wake up before that time. Anyway, on top of the grumpy morning business, he has MASTERED the art of Screaming. He does this every time I sit to feed Lexi. He does this pretty much anytime I can't give him my 100% attention. He is getting better a talking, but he's still working on it. In addition to the screaming, he hits me, he says NO, he throws his food. Grrrr. Lovely. So officially at 20 months old he is entering the terrible twos. It will probably last until he's four. Wish me luck on the next round. :)

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  1. Oh man, I'm sorry. I'm dealing with the terrible two's also. Not fun!! And I'm one of the grumpiest people alive in the morning. I wish I was a morning person, I really really do. I like my nights all too much!