Monday, February 7, 2011

Should I Be A Little Worried?

So about a month ago I noticed that blogger added something "new" to blogspot. There is now a tab that I can go to called STATS. In that tab I can see an overview of the traffic on my blog. It isn't specific about WHO exactly is looking on the blog, but it does tell me the country, the servers they are coming from (firefox, internet explorer, etc.), how many hits, what pages are being looked at, etc. I also have a counter on the blog that is a little more specific as to WHO is looking. But its nothing special. The Stats page gives me way more general information. So anyway I was looking at it the other day and here was part of one of the stats I saw.

Pageviews today
Pageviews yesterday
Pageviews last month
Pageviews all time history

There is an option to see WITH yourself included, and WITHOUT. Mine is set without. Of course this doesn't include Alex's laptop, or my Ipod Touch. Anyway, I was just casually mentioning to Alex that we had about 2300 hits last month on the blog. The next day he asked me if that worried me a little. I guess it didn't......UNTIL.....he mentioned it. I don't have any personal info on here as to where exactly I live. But I'm pretty sure I've mentioned Alex's work. My town. My State. Random things. The posts that get viewed the most are my Posts about Toddler Bunk Beds. It seems there must be a need for those, because I have YET to find a manufacturer that makes those here in the states. So anyone who Googles "Toddler Bunk" gets my blog on their search. So my big question is this.....Should I be worried? How many stats would you consider "normal" on a personal blog that isn't advertising anything. If this seems a bit excessive, what can I do without making my blog PRIVATE?


  1. Kind of crazy! I have no idea what you could do. I am interested now and will be looking at my STATS!

  2. I just checked my stats too, if you look around you can find a place called traffic sources. It'll tell you from what part of the world people are looking at your blog, and give you the sites from which they connected to your blog from. Like sometimes I'll put a link to my post on Facebook so it says on mine that the majority of people who read my blog come from a link from facebook.

  3. My blog has a lot of hits from other countries.. It started to worry me a little because with the size of our family and frends there is no way i could go private... I just went through the privacy settings and made sure that you cant find it on search engines and make sure i dont have TOO much peronal info on there. The number has gone down but i keep thinking if someone really wanted to find out info about us they will find it even if our blog was private and without facebook.

  4. I think that there are way too many other people with blogs out there with way more personal info than yours. By keeping your blog public you can't control who views your blog or what country they are viewing it from, why they are viewing it or what they do with that information. They'll be held accountable for that. I've known about the stats for awhile now and keep up with the info on it and I haven't always liked what I see, 43 hits from france in one week, along with 10 other countries that I KNOW I don't know a soul in. I have to realize that anytime I enter my name or comment on another blog for a giveaway or just comment on someone else's blog at all, that information is then linked to my blog. I don't allow google to find me but my address is out there on facebook as well. I too have said too much about my personal life and now try to keep it to a minimum with the details, but going private is not an option.
    My suggestion to you is to go mass production on those toddler bunk beds!! You'd be a millionaire overnight! Or your dad would, one of the two.
    Use the publicity to get your opinions out there and leave a link to the lds website near the top of your page. You never know!

  5. That's a cool feature, I've never noticed the "stats". I only have like 2,000 TOTAL hits, so I'm not as popular as you ;) I think someone already suggested this, but it your settings, you can set it so people can't find it by google or any other search engine. That might help some.

  6. Friend Leah wrote this (sorry I accidentally deleted it and it won't publish)

    Haha, love the comment by Shelley about leaving a link for the lds website!! That'll teach em! ;)

    I don't know, I have gone back and forth about going private and my husband has been begging me to. I just don't want to deal with the hassle. I have a blog tracker too and haven't been too worred until I got a very mean and rude comment a few weeks ago. Someone from Mississippi who I have NO freakin clue, but noticed they visit my blog all too often. So I don't know, it's frustrating. I think that 53 hits in a day is quite a lot, but that's cuz you are very popular and people love to read yours!