Thursday, February 3, 2011


This my friend, is my oober-undecorated not so lovely "Master Suite".
Don't judge. These things take time. Most people don't acquire all their worldly belongings over night.
But....I Do have plans for this space.
1st: Come Spring....have a painting party. Every piece of "wood" furniture will get a nice black Night Stands, Dresser, "Desk", and a couple picture frames not shown in this picture.

2nd: Also part of the painting party....Those WALLS.

3rd: Windows. I need blinds, and I desperately want to replace those striped curtains...and raise the rod. Even If I have to make some new ones, those are going bye bye.

4th: As you can see. I have no bed set. (I used to when we had a queen). Alex is not a fan of bed sets, however, I am not a fan of seeing the mattresses and storage sticking out from under the blankets. I love white, so I'm hoping to get a White Down comforter. All other colors in the room are undecided.

5th: I have no headboard. Heres the fun part (if you can call it that). I have these bi-fold closet doors that I pulled out of my girls room. I hear that you can paint them and make yourself a headboard using those. See example in picture #3. If that doesn't work, I could always do the curtain idea. See picture #4.

This here is the dresser my kids were using. It broke. It lost all function as a dresser. I had a friend suggest I try it out as a desk. works. We stuck the book shelf in the closet because the babies are ruining our books. With a nice paint job, it should look great.

This here is my "example room". I like the colors, I LOVE the head board...only the furniture will be black.
Here is the "curtain idea". Not my favorite, by far not the best colors. But you get the idea.

Now on to the GIRLS ROOM.
Lexi has been sleeping in the Laundry room (or wherever) in a little pack-n-play. I think she would be more comfortable on a bed, so Dejah is getting the boot from the toddler bunk and graduating to a twin. I decided to put all the girls together. There is no way I will suffer putting the babies in the same room. Here is a shot from the top bunk looking at Dejah's new bed. I got the cute bedding from a friend. So CUTE. I had to take the closet doors out to make room for the dumb TV. I never thought I would have one in my kids room, but sometimes it is a necessity for my sanity. They really don't watch it often, but it is a must have.

Lexi will be on the bottom bunk, and Mycah on the top.
Here is our replacement dresser. We bought from another friend. I LOVE IT!
Now, onto my plans for Lexi. She needs a crib. So does Logan. We only have one. I have another friend who had a broken crib. She gave it to me so I could use the walls on the toddler bunk. To the floor, they are the perfect height.
Seen below.
The problem is they need to go next to the mattress (inside).
Seen below.
Now it is too high. I would never be able to change the bedding or even get her in and out. What to do???? I would LOVE any ideas.
I want to make it right and paint it white.
This doesn't need to be done right away, but soon.
Before I put Lexi in there I'm gonna need a baby monitor. So if anyone has one they want to be rid of or sell for cheap, I could really use it for a few months.
Wish me luck on all this.
I seriously can't WAIT for spring.


  1. I would be careful ... those end slats on the toddler bed seem really wide and she might slip through.. with the exception of her head... Makes me nervous.. there are strict regulations on cribs for a reason.

  2. No worries. I will be doing something about those "end slats" too. :)

  3. however, i like the white door & the windows with green curtain..... nice lookwell....

  4. I love the first bedroom, gorgeous. I seriously struggle with decorating. Good luck. You could always get canvas boards and cover them with fabric to put behind your bed too. I have a head board but I did the fabric canvas just to make my room a little more interesting.

    Gabby is going to be sleeping in her pack in play until she is 18 months probably. I don't want to move she and Corbin together until I have to.

  5. We can easily make a removable role out board, much like the upper bunk. (Simple and quick to build.) Then you can loose the crib panel. We can also add boards to the end so Lexi can slip between them.

  6. All looks great! I love the example of the first master bedroom. I too hate my master bedroom! Keep us posted on what you decide!