Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Baby Turned FOUR!

I am SO late posting this.  I have just been SO busy.  But here it is finally!  Last week on Thursday evening we celebrated my little Mycah's birthday.  I seriously can't believe she is FOUR!
 You would never know by looking at her.  She is seriously the tiniest thing I've ever seen.  Her 1 1/2 yr old brother is only 3 lbs lighter than her!  Anyway, she is starting to show the signs that she is leaving her "terrible twos", but if she's hungry or tired....Watch Out!  She is a firecracker!....and I LOVE IT!
Since her Birthday is in the icky winter, there isn't much to do.  I couldn't bring myself to have a birthday party at our house, so she invited some friends and we went to Chucky Cheeses!

 I love that you can have a birthday party there and bring your own cake and they don't even charge you.  We did pizza for all the little kids and gave them coins.  They had a blast.
When we first got there Mycah refused to go play.  She just stood there staring at the presents on the table.  So we started the party right away!  She got her long awaited baby alive and some other really fun things :)

 Uncle Derek was the ONLY person able to convince her to leave her new prized possessions to go play on the rides.

 Happy Birthday to my little Mike-N-Ike and thanks to everyone who came to celebrated her special day with us!

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