Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogging in Bulk

What is my deal?  This "lack" in blogging is SO unlike me.  I'm busy busy busy, and when I'm not, I am in serious need of lazy time.  So here is another attempt.  As you can see I've kinda fallen off the bandwagon on the questionnaire.  So I'm gonna do a quick run-through on as many as I think may be interesting.

Day 7:  My most treasured item.

My Ipod Touch!  I blare my music and dance all over the house.  I listen to books.  Play games.  Text.  I use it as a phone.  Social Media.  And my new favorite thing is to lay in bed and watch Grey's Anatomy on Netflix while Alex is snoozing.  I can even pass it off to my kids when they are getting "fidgety" in public places. LOVE IT!!

Day 8:  A Picture That Makes Me Laugh

This is Alex and his brothers!  Need I say more??

Day 11:  A Picture of Something You Hate

Nothing makes me more irritable than a temper tantrum!  My kids just seem to know the Perfect time to have them.  And they have MASTERED the art!  When they do it at home...I shut them in their rooms.  BUT...they always do it in public, and it is SO embarrassing!

Day 12:  A Picture of Something You Love

Ok so there were the obvious things..like..my kids, husband, girl's night, ect...
But nothing gets me feeling as good as a great Zumba work out.  I have always Loved to dance, and I've always admired those people in Latin Ballroom.  Anyway if you haven't tried it, you are really missing out!

Day 15:  A Picture of Something You Want to do Before You Die

Vacation in Figi

Next Blog Post I will finish.....Hopefully :)

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