Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Thoughts on General Conference

So this last weekend was General Conference for the church.  Twice a year we get to hear from our leaders on various subjects.  Saturday morning, President Thomas S. Monson announced that we would have a temple built in Meridian Idaho.  My mouth nearly dropped to the floor.  How exciting!  I kind of got emotional.  It reaffirmed my testimony of eternal families.  I know there are a lot of people that don't believe that, which is fine. But for me, I can't imagine a perfect Heaven without them.  Anyway, we have one in Boise, but it will be so nice to have one a little closer.
My first thought.  There is SO SO much going on in the world today.  Things are pretty bad.  Some people probably wondered if any of the speakers would say anything concerning these wars, and where our country is headed.  The fact is, they won't.  Here is why I believe they won't.  No matter what is going on around us, we are reminded to move forward in doing good.  To serve.  To recognize that when we make mistakes (which we ALL do), that we have a loving Savior who made it possible for us to repent.  We are counseled every Sunday the simple principles that will bless our lives and those around us. They did mention the incident in Japan.  Politics was Briefly mentioned.  But, for the most part, the message is The Same.  And it was a very very good message. 
There were so many good talks.  From marriage commitments, temples, covenants, family, ect....  The talk that stood out to me the most was given by Richard G. Scott on Sunday afternoon.  He spoke of his wife who passed away.  He shared a story about a time when they were younger, and had a baby boy who had some heart problems.  One night the baby woke up crying.  He told his wife to go ahead and stay in bed and get some rest and went to take care of the baby.  He mentioned that because of this heart condition, their baby's heart would thump very rapidly and he would throw up making a mess of himself and the bedding.  He recounted that after he cleaned up his baby boy and changed his clothing he held him very tightly and spent some time calming him.  He held him until he fell asleep.  A few months later their baby boy passed away.  He talked about how grateful he was that he took that time to spend with his son.  He talked of the covenants that he and his wife made in the Temple and how grateful they were for eternal families. Go Here. Click on Sunday Afternoon, Richard G. Scott, for the whole message.  It is very touching.
Anyway, last night I was up with Lexi at 2:00 in the morning.  I spent the hour between 1 and 2 just trying to get her to take her binki and go back to sleep.  I finally gave in and fed her a bottle.  As I was sitting there rocking her, grumpy about being up, I remembered Elder Scott's story.  I just took in the moment.  I am so blessed to have these sweet children.  I am grateful that my Heavenly Father trusted Alex and I to care for them.  I can't imagine my life without them.
Anyway, I am really glad I got to hear some bits and pieces this year.  Kids make it pretty difficult, but hey, can't complain, I love em' to death! :)

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  1. I, too, loved that talk. While tears were rolling down my cheeks I thought, "I will never complain about having to get up with my children AGAIN!"...very nice thoughts about conference, thanks for sharing.