Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Having a Rough Day

You know those days that are kinda....not so good.  Well, I'm having a bit of one.  My two year old is in that annoying phase called SCREAM when:  you don't get your way..... you want attention.... you don't know how to say that word... play with me... feed me...  Anyway, its getting old, and today my ears hurt.  I say to him, "Logan, don't scream. What do you want?"  etc.  etc.       

Next there is my very emotional just barely four year old girl who could still count as age three.  For some reason beyond me, she has managed to pee her pants almost every day this week. Whats up with that???

My six year old girl is really a saint.  She is the one who keeps me in tact when I'm gonna lose it.....ya today.  She has the 4 yr old and 2 yr old outside, so I can sit and vent on my blog for a minute.  Her biggest issue...she ALWAYS wants to be having some kind of adventure... like play with friends everyday.  However She is not contributing to my "rough day"..... much.  She changes her outfits a million times a day and I'm constantly reminding her that the proper place for those is NOT on the floor.

Now, if you've meet my little Lexi, you would probably think you met and Angel from above.  I will admit, she usually IS, but the past couple days have been stressful for me.  I'm pretty sure she is teething because she is SOOOOOO fussy!  And Lexi being this fussy is completely out of the norm.  This is really rocking my boat and stressing me out.  I tried meeting up with my sister at McDonald's the other day so that the kids could play.  After being there for five minutes, Lexi was SO fussy that I packed up my VERY upset kids and went home. 

Monday, I had to go grocery shopping.  Of course, I have the youngest three to tote around with me while Dejah is at Kindergarten.  Logan (being his very passionate/LOUD self), decided to show off his lungs to the entire store (Walmart) because he was mad that I wouldn't let him play on the Merry-go-round-thingy.  You should have seen some of the dirty looks I got!  Holy Crap people!  Lets see you try this.  When that tantrum was over, he decided it would be fun to pick on Mycah, who by the way, dishes it right back at him.  So my two and four year olds were duking it out in the shopping cart, creating even more screaming and crying.  Lets not forget the teething baby up in her seat.  I was SO embarrassed.  To top it all off, checkout was not quick.

Today....I just want to disappear.  I want my kids to disappear.  I need an entire day to myself.  I don't care where.  I don't care how.  I don't want to put a drop of food in anyone's mouth but my own.  I am SPENT!

There.  I said it.  I am not suffering with depression.  I am not comparing my trials to others.  If I did that I would have NOTHING to complain about.  Don't judge the is what it is.....MINE ;)


  1. I think we all have those days! I know I have! Hope your week gets better!

  2. I had a day just like that today. It's amazing how the baby being fussy can really makes things so much worse! I wish that I lived closer because I would totally be up to hang out anytime!

  3. hi, please don't mind me randomly stopping by. I found your blog and enjoy reading it.

    anyway this may not even be the same thing but my 3 year old started peeing her pants daily last week and come to find out she had a bladder infection. She didn't show any signs of it so I just kept getting mad at her. Apparently it burned when she peed but she never told me and would deny it if I asked (for the first few days) anyway MAYBE that could be it with your kiddo?? or not but maybe you could ask her...

  4. I love how you keep it real, Anna. Keeps me coming back for more. Glad I'm not the only one that just tries to make it day to day.