Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Final Vote! Hurry Before Your Time is UP!

I was driving down the road.  Probably coming home from a crazy grocery shopping trip with my four babies.  I say babies, because my youngest three ARE seriously......babies. My oldest is only 6...and that hardly counts as a big kid.  Anyway, I'm listening to the radio, and hear something about a Hot Mom contest to win $1000.  Hot Mom or not I thought....I need that thousand dollars. Other than my sister, I am FRUUUUGGAL.  I rarely buy anything for myself.  If I do, its out of complete necessity, and its usually the cheapest price I can get it at.  My body has been through so many changes since I got married 8 years ago.  Four of those years I was pregnant.  Then you can add on the months after each one that it takes to "shrink".  When it comes to clothes...my kids come first.  And I try really hard to get hand-me-downs.  So, I entered the contest.  I set up a tripod and put my camera on a timer so I could attempt to get some good shots to submit.  After all the applications, the radio station would pick their favorite 106 moms. Voting began, and they narrowed it down to 50, then again to 25, now I am in the top 10.  I seriously cannot believe it.  I have been bugging people that I don't even know to vote for me.  There is no way of knowing how many votes someone has.  Its a big waiting game.  I'm sure there are ways to cheat votes.  But, I'm hoping my honesty will get me there.  So I'm begging Everyone to Make my Mother's Day and help me win!  If its not too much of an inconvenience, forward this LINK to your friends and family and tell them how badly I want to win and get them to vote.  Either way, if I lose, thank you  for your efforts in my behalf.  Its been crazy fun.  Wish me luck.  Voting ends this Thursday.

Go HERE to Register and Vote for Mom #2 (Anna B)

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