Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Weekend In Twin Falls

This past weekend, almost the Entire Beal clan took a trip to Twin Falls Idaho.  We all checked into the Hotel then headed to Cafe' Rio.  Our kids did surprisingly well.  When we got back the kids wanted to swim.  So I put Lexi down for a nap then took my other three swimming. Most of the Adults headed to the temple.  Alex's Brother Keaton is going on a mission in June to Villahermosa Mexico and was going through the temple for the first time.

I stayed back with my Sister-in-law Katie.  After swimming, we headed to Katie's room.  We watched a total of 11 KIDS!  CRAZY!  Luckily I brought a little DVD player and the movie Tangled.  The problem was that the "new"/"fancy"/LCD TV did not have audio/video hook ups...just AUDIO...seriously?  So I played with the video one until I found something that would play it in black and white.  Whatever works right?  So that held off the craziness for a while.
When all the adults got back we went swimming again!  We were up till Midnight with the kids.  Which I usually NEVER do.  Anyway, getting Logan to sleep was a bit tricky, but the kids slept good.  ME however??  Lets just say I should have brought ear plugs and a sleeping pill!  I heard EVERY breath, fuss, whimper, you name it.  And I didn't sleep a wink!  Finally at 3:45 in the morning I went down to the lobby for a while, then came back up to the room and watched Grey's Anatomy on my Ipod all morning.  The kids were up around 6:30.  We had breakfast and went swimming again.
After that we packed up and checked out.  We grabbed lunch then headed to Shoshone Falls for a family picnic.  It was a good time.  We were all very tired.  I'm glad Alex was able to drive because we all slept the whole two hours home.

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