Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday was a big day for us.  Some friends of mine had some extra "roaring readers" tickets and this is the last week to use them.  So I took the two girls and we all went to Roaring Springs.  It was a full day of Sun and Water and we were there right when it opened and stayed till it closed!  Are we crazy?  Its just that we never get to do anything like this and I wanted to take full advantage.  Unfortunately I was too busy to get any pictures...lame.  So here are some copied pictures.

Mycah absolutely LOVED this slide in the kiddie area.  She didn't even hesitate to try it.
This Next slide was our first try at something "Big".  Again, Mycah didn't even bat an eye, she was ready to take the plunge without hesitation.  Dejah was really nervous, but she was surrounded by friends.  Oh the power of peer pressure.
Our last "Big" try was this.  Mycah couldn't go on it and was EXTREMELY bummed.  Alex arrived later in the day so he took her kicking and screaming down to the wave pool....which she ended up having tons of fun at.  Dejah got to go on this ride with me and she had a blast.  Of course she wanted to go again, but seriously the line took at least a 1/2 hour to get through.

So there are a few things I've decided about Water Parks.

#1.  If there is only ONE for hundreds of miles around.....there are guaranteed to be hundreds of people there.

#2.  Never pay full price at the gate.  It is Highway robbery.  If you plan ahead and look at their deals online you can plan to save some cash.

#3.  Get there early if you want to pick where you sit.

#4.  Park food is kinda pricy.  Get a stamp on your hand and leave to get lunch.  There are tons of places close by.

#5.  There is such thing as TOO TAN.  C'mon people, I can understand the niceness of a little glow, seriously though....leather doesn't look good on bodies.

#6.  Sunblock and a Hat.  SAVED MY FACE.  I got this WAY cute hat at Target.  So worth it.

#7.  People must like HUGE tatoos.  There were tons.


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  1. U guys should have come with us the week before. No lines and great weather