Friday, August 26, 2011

7 Years Ago

Seven years ago Alex and I were living in Laramie Wyoming.  I was having my first baby girl.  I had no family nearby.  I had made a few friends, but essentially I was pretty alone.  It was such an exciting and scary time.  About two weeks before her due date I had woke up to what I was guessing was a loss of the Mucous Plug.  I called my Mom to tell her and she thought that was a good enough indication that our baby was on her way.  I didn't really know because it wasn't like I was having crazy contractions or anything.  Either way my parents decided to take the Long drive to Laramie that day.  The same day, I had a Dr. appointment.  She told me I was dilated to a 3 and I was 75% effaced.  She asked me if I would like to have the membranes stripped.  And suggested that it could make me start having contractions.  It really took me off guard!  Ouch!  However, almost immediately I started having contractions.   Of course I didn't think much of it.  That evening some girlfriends came over to my apartment to give me a pedicure.  It was so sweet.  During that evening of fun the contractions were a bit more intense.  I was pretty sure she would be coming sometime the next day.  I took a Tylenol PM in hopes I might get some sleep.  Boy was I wrong!  I ended up going into the hospital with pretty painful contractions.  They admitted me and then told me that I needed to wait until I was dilated to a 5 before they would give me the epidural.  That was a rough few hours.  I finally reached a 5 and got the relief I was desperately needing.  My parents arrived sometime in the night or early morning.  I don't really remember exactly.  My epidural was wearing off and it was time to have her.  August 26th, 7 years ago, Dejah Beal was born!  Our sweet baby girl! 

What a blessing she has been in our lives.  Dejah is the happiest kid I know.  She is so full of life!  She is my biggest helper and does it with little complaint.  Her favorite thing in the world is playing with friends.  She will be best friends with any kid that wants to play with her.  I remember when she was just 1 1/2 she would point out our apartment window at the little boy her age who lived across from us and say "Cashe" "Cashe", because all she wanted to do was play.  Looking back she was an early "talker".  Holy cow, she could completely communicate just over one year old.  It blows my mind now.  Anyway, I am so grateful she is my #1.  I really think there is a special bond with a Mom and her first born.  We had a great few years as just us.  I her with all my heart.  Happy Birthday Dejah! 


  1. Happy Birthday, Dejah! She has grown into such a beautiful little girl!:)

  2. Her hair is done up so cute! And I love her toothless grin. Cledi's are just starting to come in. Too much fun.

  3. I LOVE that first day of school picture! She looks so grown up!! I love Dejah so much! I can't believe she's seven!