Monday, August 22, 2011

"Boise!!!" "State!!!"

Saturday evening there were a few families from the Ward going to the Boise State Scrimmage.  It is a free event and I thought to myself.  "Perfect family outing!"  Our kids will probably never get to go to a "real" game, so why not.  Believe it or not, parking was a bit crazy.  We couldn't walk a stroller because we would basically have to leave it at the bottom level.  So our big group with a million kids walked.  I'm sure anyone who saw us would have easily predicted it was a group of Mormons.  It was quite the site.  We get there and the side they had open was pretty much full.  We had to make our way all the way up to the top corner.  I'm gonna be honest, in the hour we were there I only watched 2 plays. Our kids were done.  They didn't appreciate the sitting down I guess ;)  Overall we had a pretty good time.  Here are the pics.

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