Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Craziness

I don't know what my deal is.  I just can't bring myself to update my blogs.  Its not like I don't have anything to talk about.  Things are just so busy, when I get some down time all I want to do is sit and eat and watch some TV. Anyway, we had a fabulous Thanksgiving week!  Alex had the whole week off, so we kept ourselves fairly busy.  We did some Christmas shopping with the kids.  Then we did some without the kids. We got our tree up.  I went with my Sister-in-law Mitzi to see "The Help", and I got to see "Breaking Dawn" twice!  We went swimming at Given's Hot Springs.  Thanksgiving dinner was at my Moms and it was DEEELISH!  I did Black Friday with my friend Analee.  We went to Walmart at 9:15pm and stayed in the craziness until after the midnight sale.  It was fun.  Anyway, now we are back to the normal schedule.  Here is a video of my crazy kids.  Oh....LEXI is finally taking steps.  She is 15 1/2 months old, so she is due :)

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