Monday, December 12, 2011

Gonna Rant...Watch Out

First Off.... I have been SICK with a Nasty cold now for a week and a half!  It started with a sinus headache.  Last weekend I started to notice my teeth were hurting.  I went to the dentist and found out my teeth were hurting because my sinuses were "full".  He gave me an antibiotic and I went on my way.  That night the "drainage" began.  To make a long story short.  I have barley gotten any sleep for four nights in a row!  Its not so bad in the day time, but as soon as the evening rolls around I am coughing, losing my voice, and then I can't sleep.  Leaving me too tired to clean, and WAY too tired to deal with my kids!
Welcome TODAY!  As soon as Dejah and Alex walked out the door to school, I crawled right back in bed to rest until Lexi woke up.  I wasn't there long until I here Mycah in the living room having a little panic attack.  I go check and sure enough LOGAN (my monster from another world) is chasing her around the living room with THIS!!!!: 

Of course that called for a spanking.  I can't tell you how many times I've told him that the knives are a No NO.  Then I get to attend the other No No.  Not only did Logan get my big bread knife and chase his sister with it.  He also got into my last loaf of home made bread and broke it up all over my living room floor!!  (Yes, the spanking was definitely called for)
So I proceed to make him pick up every piece possible and put them in the garbage.  After a long time waiting for that I made him pull out the vacuum and do his best vacuuming up what he could.  

After this ordeal, I decide I'd better get to the house work. (Which is going to take me ALL DAY).  I decided I might feel better if I get a shower.  Of course what was Logan doing??  I go in his room, and for the THOUSANDTH TIME..... He has managed to pull ALL the toys out onto his floor, AND unload ALL the socks out of the drawers. (I mean ALL of the kids socks)  On top of this usual No No.... Now he has his floor vent up and he's dropping socks down it. (Joy)  So again, a spanking and serious rebuking, he gets to stay in his room in a very soiled diaper until he cleans it all up!!! (although, I will probably change that diaper soon and send him back)

Did I mention that Lexi has my same cold?  So she is Major fussy!  She just wants me to hold her, but instead she just gets to cry.  

Doing laundry today.... Sometimes Alex amazes me on how smart he is with cleaning.  I usually always trust his judgment when it comes to laundry.  Well, yesterday he decided he was going to wash his DIESEL SOAKED sweatshirt with all of my colors!!!!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!  I'm almost tempted to throw them all away now and go on a shopping spree!  I have cycled them THREE times and to no avail....they still smell, and so does my house.

So now I've vented on my blog, I guess I'd better get to my neglected children and house and get busy busy busy.  (Did I mention I haven't slept in FOUR nights??  Just checkin'.)


  1. I'm so sorry Anna! I feel the same way with Keyne sometimes, I just need a break from him. I hope that you feel better soon!

  2. It won't help the smell in your house, but Lestoil will get the oil out of everything. You can order it online for like 5-7 bucks. A little goes a long way and has seriously saved so many of my clothes! It gets out ink, blood, oil, etc. As for everything else... I will pray for you! I hate being sick and just was today and so glad I didn't have kids yet, bc moms need sick days sometimes too and they just don't happen! Hang in there!!

  3. haha! Sorry but kids are so crazy! And my Jayden sounds like your Logan... I only have one.. and I am going crazy I am super prego and sick with a nasty cold and I cant seem to keep up with anything. I dont know how you do it! But good thing on writing those things down cuz they are pretty funny after it is all over with! :)

  4. Anna, sorry you're having a rough week. Logan chasing Mycah with a knife totally made me laugh, even though I know it's FAR from funny when it's happening in your own home....but it still made me laugh. I hope things get better for you.

  5. I'm sorry! What a load of crap. Not sleeping makes everything even worse!!!

  6. Mommies should not EVER have to get sick. It makes things so much harder, and we don't get to just take a sick day...hope you feel better soon.