Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Little Mouse, And Me

I have a MOUSE in the house! Its name....Mycah Beal! There are two reasons why she is a mouse. First off, she doesn't really eat. Ok so she eats, but it is like pulling teeth getting her do eat a plate of food at mealtime. She just wants to snack all day. I try to limit the snacking so she will eat a decent meal but she is three, and quite able to get something herself. Hence the second reason why she is a mouse. When I say, "NO. You can wait until dinner time.", (when I'm not watching) she then goes to the fridge, opens it, pulls out the big block of cheddar cheese sits down and starts chowing down! Yup! She bites right into the big block like it is a delicious sandwich. Agh! So, I bought cheese sticks. Yesterday I'm pretty sure I found about 6 wrappers strewn about the house! Ahhh my little mouse. What do ya do?

In other news:

I was reading my Sister-in-Laws blog the other day. She has four kids. Her two oldest girls go to school, and She does piano lessons part-time from home. Now this is where I am amazed, by 7:40 in the morning when they walk out the door for school....they have gotten ready for school, had family scripture reading, breakfast, and practicing the piano all DONE! What the Heck?? I can't even fathom that. Am I just the laziest mom? I see these women who accomplish so much and wonder how they do it. I am just not that disciplined. I barely roll out of bed in just enough time to get Dejah fed and hair pulled back. Of course I have NEVER EVER been a morning person and don't anticipate that changing. Aw well. I am my own unique self. Last week I started working out every morning. I felt REALLY good afterward. The weekend hit and I totally lost my drive. Here I am, EXTREMELY uncomfortable in my "post-four-kids-pregnancy-body", and I can't pull it together this week to work out. My Mom is one of those amazing women that can discipline themselves. Once she puts her mind to something there is no stopping her. Wish I had that attribute. So here is me: I like staying up late. I love, love, love sleeping in til 8. I HATE working out, but love it in the form of biking, wake boarding, skiing, swimming, know, fun stuff. I only wear make-up for church, dates, or special functions. My hair mostly stays in a ponytail. My house gets picked up, but deep cleaning only happens when absolutely necessary. I LOVE blogging and checking in on Facebook. I LOVE sugar! I could eat it all day (I'm really trying to work on this). I am NOT crafty. I don't sew. I don't can. I don't like making dinner but actually like to BAKE. I LOVE the holidays! I Love my kids and my husband! I love vacations! If I were gutsy enough I would make-over my house. Anyway. That is a few things about me. I've been trying to tell myself that its ok that I don't measure up to these amazing moms because that is just not me.


  1. Wow, you and I are COMPLETE twinners! I wake up at 8 as well. Malia went to school wearing leggings not jeans, no socks, nasty strung out hair, and a bright yellow shirt. I don't work out. My weightloss is from having no thyriod and trying to regulate it. No fancy tricks I lose a few pounds a week, my doctor is NOT happy about it, and we are trying to get it fixed. Don't stress, you have 4 kids, did you know that?! OMG 4 KIDS MY FRIEND! If I could not look like a man, let alone my dad I wouldn't wear makeup either. I don't sew, hate cooking, love brownies, and love blogging as well.

  2. Anna,

    I haven't always been able to do those things. I think life is like learning the gospel; line upon line and precept upon precept. If you try to be everything right now it would be too hard. Decide what is most important to you and get that down. Then decide what you want to tackle next. I have people that I look at in amazement too and I take one thing and try to incoporate it. If the things that they are doing are not of importance to me, then I don't worry about it. We are all individuals.

  3. Oh Anna, we have a lot in common!! I have NEVER been a morning person. When I drop Jace off at school in the morning I feel like I'm the only mom still in her pj's!! Some things will NEVER change ;) I too find that I compare myself to other "supermoms." How in the world do they do it all?? And I have never canned a dang thing in my life!! Haha, oh well... our kids are happy that's all that matter right?!!

    PS. LOVE your little mouse! Too bad not all mice are that cute!