Sunday, October 10, 2010

TWO Months Old!

I seriously can't believe my baby is already 2 months old! I can't say it enough...time flies! Knowing Lexi is my last baby I just want to eat her up...every bit.

So far she is soooo easy, except on little thing, she is a PAIN to feed. She sleeps great! She'll give me a six hour stretch at night and has slept twice from 10pm to 6am. LOVE IT. She is pretty particular on how she wants to sleep, which is having her face nuzzled up against something soft, and then swaddled. She's not much of a pooper...which is totally opposite of her brother. Nice for me. Back to the feeding issue. She starts off her bottle and gets a few swallows, starts choking, then needs a burp. Bottle back in mouth and she does great for the 1st ounce. Burp, good. If she doesn't burp she won't keep eating. If I can't get a burp I'll lay her down and let her get all agitated. On the last ounce or two she starts gagging when I put the nipple in her mouth. It is quite the process, and most people who have tried (including Daddy) give up and hand her over. Anyway, she's still a bit spacey but is starting to look at us. I love those chubby cheeks and could seriously kiss them all day! More to come :)

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  1. Oh that dress!!!! It makes me want another girl :) Lexi is looking more and more like logan to me! if only her eyebrows would grow in! Shes so cute!