Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Girls Night!

Last night I got to go out with two of my best friends! We go way back and have so much history. Girls night with these two is a rare occasion. We are all married with kids, and life just doesn't provide that luxury often. It was a photo worth getting!

Here are a couple old pictures of Andrea and I. And I'm pretty sure we thought we were HOT with that big curly hair, lip stick, and...although you don't see the shoes...they are tall and CHUNKY! So funny! Andrea is so energetic and always cracks me up! I have some pretty funny pictures, but I will refrain from sharing.

Next is Korin! We go all the way back to middle school. She was my roommate in college and one of my Best Friends. We were always having some kind of crazy adventure, and we LOVED to share clothes. We had so many good times I can't even begin to record them all!

LOVE my girls!.....ALL of them!.....And if you go out with me there is sure to be a picture and blog post about it!

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