Monday, June 13, 2011

So Far...

Time to brush the dust off this blog and get it in gear.  Summer has come, and blogging has just been on the bottom of my to do lists.  So here is what we've been up to the past few weeks:

On Memorial Day, my parents wanted to get the boat up and running.  They just had it reupholstered and it looks nice.  Of course, this summer has been PATHETICALLY COLD, so there is NO way we were going to get in that icy lake water.  Either way the kids had fun and Logan found a ball floating out in the middle of the reservoir :)

A couple weeks ago Alex showed up with my Grandparents camper and told the kids he was going to take them camping.  They were SO excited!!  He took them up to Silver Creek Plunge.  They had a camp fire, went swimming at the Hot Springs Pool, etc.  Of course there are no pictures, but they had a BLAST!  I got to stay home with the baby.  It was so nice to get some down time without the three older ones.  :)

We finally got the yard work started.  The trampoline got fixed and put back together.  We weeded the strawberry patch which was completely taken over.  The shade is up.  The garden boxes are taken down.  I have decided to quit with the attempt at having beautiful boxes of plants and flowers.  I am way too busy/lazy to water and weed.  And if you want pretty flowers every year, you get to buy them.  Its just more work than I can handle.  So I'm moving on.  We will keep the strawberries, but that is it.

Last week I turned the bottom bunk of the Toddler Bunk Bed into a crib and Lexi has been successfully been sleeping with her sisters ever since.  I'm so proud of my little project :)  Pictures coming soon.

This past Saturday we were in the Eagle Fun Days Parade with our friends and their cow train.  We always have a great time doing that.  No pictures this time (my camera has been stuck at my Mom's house for a few weeks now).

Today I went to my Mom's and she taught me how to make home-made granola.  It is so yummy and SO healthy!  I must admit though, it was a lot of work.  I'm not sure how often I will actually do that.

In other things, we have just been swimming at the pool with friends and doing lots of bike rides.  This weekend Alex will be headed to Kansas City for 8 days.  Wish me luck with all the kids by myself, I'm gonna need it.

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  1. You missed writing about all the lovely drama at the pool! ;-) Here's to a NORMAL day tomorrow!