Sunday, September 28, 2008

Silver Creek Plunge

For the past few weeks, Alex has been begging to take the girls swimming at Silver Creek Plunge. We went camping there last summer and had a great time. So we decided to take a day trip. After getting all our stuff together, I couldn't find Mycah's little swimming suit ANYWHERE! We dumped everything out and still NO Swimming Suit. Finally I decided that we would see if Walmart had any on sale while we were getting lunch stuff. Yay! $3 for purple poc-a-dots! I was so glad. Anyway, it was about a two hour drive, and we were there. We practically had the whole pool to ourselves! The water is SOOO warm, I was kind of wishing it was about 8 degrees cooler outside.
The girls had a BLAST! They have a shallow side for kids which is perfect for them to play in.

After swimming we went out to the big grassy area where there is a big play-set and volleyball pit. We gathered up our lunch (which consisted of Cheetos, Kit Kat Bars, Oreos, Animal Cookies, and Juice Boxes)....aren't we the coolest parents??

The girls played and dug in the rocks.

We went for a little walk by the river.

We enjoyed the beautiful view and the beautiful weather.

We had such a good time, I think I want to go up there again when it gets just a bit cooler. Of course I need to borrow a camper with heat or reserve a cabin. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comings and Goings

Wow, I am so blogged out. I just haven't been taking pictures, and not much in the mood to write about my comings and goings. Not alot of excitement here, just "stuff". Hey though, my headaches finally went away. I don't know what that was all about, but finally its over.
This past week I have been trying to come up with "new" meal ideas for us. I've been so tired of the same-ol-same-ol, so I've succeeded at some fabulous BBQ Pork ribs, with creamy scalloped potatoes. I guess the key to ribs is the "Dry Rub"....who would have thought??? Then you wrap them in tin foil and slow cook them before throwing them on the grill and smother them with sauce....yum! Yesterday I used the fruits of my Dad's labors and made SALSA! It was Fab!! My Dad has this HUGE garden. It is overpopulated with many vegetables, so I can take advantage whenever I go there. They also have fruit trees and grape vines. I have a box of yummy peaches that I need to do something with.
The past couple months I have been READING. Can you believe it? Well I can't, I'm not a big reader, but I love a good book. I finally finished reading the Twilight series. I loved it! But now its over and I am finding myself "craving" a good book. Any suggestions???
During my "comings and goings", I've also discovered the game called "Ticket to Ride". So Freaking Fun! I've also started watching "Dancing with the Stars". Ok, I'm not the biggest fan, but when your TV choices are limited, you do what you can. It always starts off so slow, but if you don't watch it from the beginning then you don't get the full effect of the show. This year they have hired on Lacey from "So You think You Can Dance" to be one of the instructors! So theres a few dancers I'm pretty interested in.
Alex has been SO busy with work and his Masters! Busy Busy Busy! At least he's home during homework. Well that's about it. I'll try to get pics up soon.

Friday, September 19, 2008

The Headache that Never Ends

I have had absolutely no desire to blog lately, thanks to my "new" companion HEADACHE. It started about two weeks ago and just won't leave. I wouldn't call it one of those kinds that put you out, but it definitely hinders my desire to do ANYTHING. I have just been "dealing" with it. I'm trying to be a "nice mom", putting a smile on my face when others are around. I've tried Tylenol but it doesn't seem to make it leave. I'm trying to eat and drink water, but that too just makes me stress more because I have to prepare food. Today I think I've reached my "it" point. My patience it spent. Today my sister wanted to meet me at the park so the kids could play, and can you believe I turned her down? This is usually something I'd be jumping up and down for. I know my kids would. Anyhow, I have nothing else to say. I hate complaining, but this headache just doesn't want to leave. Stay tuned.....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Girl Drama!

I don't know what it is lately, but I just don't have much to blog about. Today is Sunday. You know a day of "rest" and "peace". Well, with so many girls in the house there tends to be drama. Today especially. Mostly my girls get along, but as Mycah gets older she is becoming more opinionated and strong willed. She knows where your buttons are and doesn't hesitate to push them. She does this to Dejah quite a bit, but Dejah can also be really bossy too. So I was in my room when I hear the "contention" rising. Dejah doesn't want to let her in her room to play, and she's yelling at Mycah to get out. Of course Mycah is upset and fussing about it. I could hear Dejah slamming the door a couple times as she's yelling at Mycah. One last slam before Mom comes and I hear a "CRACK" and a splitting cry from Mycah! Of course I come running, and Mycah is grasping her fingers in pain and Dejah is behind the locked door. Now, I'm not huge on spankings, but I won't hesitate when its called for. Two swatts on the bum and Dejah was punished. I stuck her in time out while I tended to Mycah's little fingers. Thankfully they weren't broken and she stopped crying when I ran her hand under cold water. Her "dents" are now swollen and puffy, but she's moving them and playing like nothing ever happened. So after some love from Mommy, I went to attend to the other child now crying. I got on eye level with her and told her that she slammed Mycah's fingers in the door and could have broke them. Of course this changed her cry to the sorrowful one. Alex is a believer in consequences, so I targeted her biggest "thing"....Movies. It doesn't take much, but usually when I don't allow her to watch anything for a while....she seems to "get it". Oh, parenting. What a trial and blessing all at the same time. My girls are now playing just as they normally do, with little contention. I love how children are so forgiving. We all could probably learn a few things in that department.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Success...Then...Not So Much

Not much is going on lately. I don't have much to write about, but oh how I LOVE nap time!!! When Mycah goes to sleep and Dejah sits quietly in front of a movie, its almost as exciting as getting a day off of work. My mind reels about all the things I want to do in that time that I usually don't get to do when the girls are up and in my face. Right now I am Blogging, after that I may read, or watch "Nick & Jessica" (Final Season). I just can't decide, but I love it!
The first night I put the girls together in one room went really well. Except when Dejah and I tiptoed in to put Dejah in bed, Mycah got up and started fussing. I put Dejah down, calmed down Mycah, then she went right to sleep....NO Problems!!! I was completely shocked! They both slept great and Mycah still slept in later than Dejah. The next night....mmm...not so good. Again she woke up when Dejah went in to bed, but around 10:30 Mycah started fussing and just looking at Dejah. It woke her up and she was crying too. I told Dejah we'll just put her back in her own room. She didn't want to, but I'm just going to have to keep them separated until Mycah gets a bit older. Now with the Nuk thing. I still haven't gotten rid of it, but I'm trying to do better at just letting her have it in bed. Its working ok so far, but sooner or later I'm just going to have to get rid of it.
Today we took a drive to my Mom's house. She had the day off and had some time this morning before her hair appointment. We went over and helped her cut her concord grapes off one of her big grape vines. She says it takes a long time to make jelly so she is just going to juice them. It was fun. I like doing stuff like that. I wish I had a real garden and the "know how" on canning and storing food. Maybe when my kids get a bit older I'll have more time to learn. Well all...that's it for today.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


It seem to me that my craziest part of every day is between Four and Nine. I don't really ever get a break within those hours. I don't know what it is, but I can't stand a messy house. So I usually spend those hours cleaning, starting and making dinner, feeding the family, folding laundry, doing dishes, giving baths, cleaning up my dinner mess, getting myself a bite to eat, making Alex a lunch for the next day, then into the night routine of brushing teeth, family prayers, books, etc... really the list goes on. Tonight I've seemed to find a break and I'm just waiting to put my girls to bed. Tonight I am trying something new and I am TERRIFIED! I asked Dejah if she wanted to sleep in Mycah's room....of course, she said "YES!". So we are giving it a try tonight. I told Dejah that she won't get her night light and the door will be "mostly" closed (rather than her WIDE OPEN, that she has to usually have). She agreed, so hopefully they won't wake eachother up. I really am afraid. This may just be a one night thing. I still have to take Mycah's Nuk (binkie, pacifier) away. But I need to prepare myself for a week of PURE TORTURE first. The girl is completely addicted to it!!! No joke! I am just as addicted to the thing as she is because it usually quiets her down...which comes in handy in public places and bed time. Have you heard her scream????? Enough said. So the plan is get rid of the NUK, and when she sleeps just fine without it, I'll put the girls together in the same room. This will be interesting. I'm scared.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Gutter Rat!!

So Yesterday evening, Alex and I sent the girls outside to play. Well, I was almost finished cleaning my house when Dejah comes running in....."Mommy! Mycah is drinking the dirty water...". Two seconds later Mycah steps around the corner covered in dirty, muddy water. Yes she was drinking the gutter water running down from the neighbor's sprinklers...Yuck. I don't even want to know what might be in that. It was so funny I had to grab a couple pictures before throwing her in the bath.

Happy Birthday Ladies' Night

Today is my Sister Melissa's Birthday. She is turning 29 (Yes she is 13 months younger than me). We went out on Wednesday Night to celebrate. My friend Kimberly Price was in town so she joined in the fun! It was a good time.

A Little Bit of Tongue

Yummy.....Mommy has gum....
Give it...
Let me have it..... Maybe I can get it this way....
Come on Mom...give it here....
MMMM....That was good....
Honestly I thought she was giving me kisses, but with the excessive tongue, she may have been trying to get a taste of my yummy gum.

Ballerina Babies

Dejah decided that she wanted to be a ballerina...but of course, Mycah wants to do everything her sister does too.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beauty Treatment Tag!

Ok. First off, I am not a beauty queen. I don't know the latest and greatest in beauty secrets. I've never had a spa treatment or makeover. You could call me a "tom boy" of sorts, but I do like to look good, and hope someday to become "fashionable". I found this tag on someones Blogpage and I loved it! I would love to see all your beauty secrets. So I wanted to start spreading it around. Have fun!

My Foundation- I know this is odd, but Christy introduced me to spray-on nylons, and I've loved them! I rub a little on my hands with lotion and spread over my face for a nice natural glow. Before that I was using a product called Jafra. I really like anything lightweight, that covers my blemishes and doesn't make your face "stand out" too much.

My Blush- I don't use blush, but I do use Mary Kay face bronzing beads.

My Day Cream- I wish I could say that I had some "majic" cream, but since I suffered with acne so bad growing up, I use what my dermatoligist recommended....Cetyphil Day Lotion.

My Lipstick- lipstick, but I love lip gloss. And I like my lips to be a light pearly pink. Too bad lip gloss doesn't stick around.

My Essential Beauty Product- Eye shadow and mascara! Most of the time, I don't wear makeup, so then I would have to say Sun and Moisturizer.

My Favorite Product- Again....Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs.

My Perfume- Sorry. I don't like perfume, but I do love a good smelly lotion!

My Nails- I wish I could say that I had pretty nails. I think I have pretty hands because my fingers are long and extremely skinny, but I've never had a manicure and my nails crack and split when I grow them out. One time I grew them out and really cared for them. I did a french manicure on them and LOVED it.

My Feet- I love soft feet. I can honestly say I've never had bad calouses. I definately moisturize my feet. Cetyphil Cream. I love keeping my toenails painted. They are currently colored a chocolate bronze.

My Hands- Back to the "Hands" comment.

Three Beauty Items to take to a Desert Island- A Razor (I don't think I could stand hairy armpits). Tweezer ( on the face...not so pretty). Aquaphor for my lips (I can't stand dry cracked lips).

Women I admire for their beauty- My mom is always looking her best and usually won't leave the house without doing her hair and makeup. My Sister-in-Law Christy...even when she thinks she's not "top notch" I think she always looks Beautiful.

Women with the best sense of style- My freind Andrea always has really cute clothes. Again, I have to say Christy. Jessica Simpson is my favorite for style, she always looks so cute.

My personal Beauty secret- Excersize and Diet. Eat right, treat your body good, you will look and feel better than any product could ever do for you. (Now I need to live it)

My Ultimate Beauty Dream- To have long georgous hair, naturally tan skin with no freckles or moles, no vercose veins....and......Lazer Hair removal! Need I say more?

Tag?>>>>>>Every Lady who reads this....consider yourself TAGGED!