Thursday, December 30, 2010

A VERY Eventful 2010!

January 2010:
Alex turned 36!
(making a cake for Daddy)

Mycah turned 3!

That bump is a Girl!
Married 7 years.

Logan started to walk.

Alex Graduated with his Master's Degree!
My baby Logan turned 1.



I turned 32.
Baby Lexi was born.
Dejah turned 6.



(almost all the Beal cousins (except Trisha's Kids))

Chase is home from his mission and all the Beals get together!

Christmas 2010

Christmas morning after opening presents we went to my Mom's to have some FABULOUS breakfast!!!
Afternoon we had a gift exchange and a Turkey dinner. We had a wonderful Christmas. We are truly blessed!

Santa brought the girls their PILLOW PETS!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A BIG BIG Unexpected Surprise!

.....And NO....I'm not Pregnant. :)

Well, He's officially outdone himself! Wednesday evening we came home from picking up a pizza with the kids and there was a UPS package on the front door. It was to me from......
My Secret Santa ??
Dejah insisted I not wait til Christmas and open the box.
This and a box of Sees Chocolates were inside...

At first I was a little creeped-out (I mean my life isn't necessarily a "closed book" in cyber world). He quickly fessed up! I was so excited! Its been a LONG time since Alex and I got a night away from the kids. Thanks to my amazing parents for taking on the FOUR monkeys!

Alex did a good job of keeping the plans to a secret. Thursday after we dropped off the kids he told me I had two options: One...go to "Harry Potter" then drive to McCall to check in. Or Two: Drive to McCall and go night skiing. Well, I knew Brundage didn't have night skiing (Alex didn't) I took option #1. I enjoyed the movie and my poor Guy suffered through it.

The drive was gorgeous! Snow and CLEAR roads :)
We pulled up to Shore Lodge. We were quickly greeted by valet parking and a luggage boy. Our room was a lakeside sweet and the view was breathtaking! The "Lodge" is HUGE! Its like an extremely souped up log cabin......

Fully equipped with a movie theater! It is first come first serve on movie choices. All guests get complimentary drinks and popcorn!

That evening we went to dinner at "The Mill"....I'm sorry folks, I don't recommend it. The food was not that good...the prices weren't either. :(

We went back after dinner and went for a swim in the outdoor pool. 95 degrees is nice for a hot blooded man like mine, but much too cool for me. The Hot Tub was just perfect! Down the walkway, just over-looking the lake was a fire pit all lit up and burning. We went back to our room where Alex had ANOTHER SURPRISE!!! He brought me Christmas Gifts! It was one surprise after the other! I'm telling you he really outdid himself! We had a great evening.

The next morning we woke up really early. Alex didn't sleep good due to a sinus cold. We decided not to use our ski passes and just spend the morning hanging around and relaxing.
We went to breakfast at this place we love called "The Pancake House".

Afterward we went back to the Lodge and captured some pictures of our beautiful view and room.

Then we decided to go back to the pool and hot tub! :)
(So I've never worn a bikini before...thanks to one of my friends for loaning it to me in a crunch, mine is still out on loan. So glad no one I know saw me in that. Not so confident after having my fourth baby 4 months ago.)

After relaxing we got a little nap and then checked out! Christmas Eve! We headed home to our kids. Thanks a million times over to my WONDERFUL husband! You never cease to amaze me. It was the best Christmas Present! I am so grateful to have you in my life. Cheers to many more to come :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Elder Beal

Well, its been TWO years!
Alex's brother Chase has been serving a full time mission in Texas and came home today.
The "almost" entire Beal family arrived at the airport for the occasion. Now imagion NINE Beal "kids", 6 of them married with kids, ALL waiting. Lucky for us we found a corner to wait in. Here are a few shots I grabbed.

Pictured Below:
Kelsey, Chase, Keaton
(They are the youngest of the Beal crew)

Chase, Alex and Logan


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

White Elephant

(Only this one actually fits in the house)
I guess its quite the site seeing this tree tied to the top of the car driving into town.

Meet Mr. Griswold...entertaining the crowd.

Meet some of the crowd!

Meet the kids opening their white open and keep. Nice rule huh.

Now its the Adult's turn.

Mrs. Griswold and her white elephant.

......entertaining the crowd some more.....

We had a Blast! Thanks to the "Griswolds" for hosting the fun.