Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Need Painting Advice

Ok, we've been living in our little house for over three years now. Since then, we've added two kids. Making a total of three. With our children, we've also discovered the art of "wall drawings" and hand smears. No amount of washable markers and washable crayons will stop them from getting into the "unwashables". You can't see it in the pictures, but I promise....they are there. So here's where I need advice. My house is pretty much completely beige inside. Carpets, walls and ceiling are all the same. We were going to keep it this way, to make it more "sale-able", but since that is not going to happen for us for quite some time, I think I need to make a change. The walls are GROSS and need 1st Picture to the right is the worst wall of all. It is also the 1st thing you see when you come into our house. Do I paint it the same color or give it some color? The problem with this wall is that it connects to the upper shelf. So if I paint it a color, do I just try to maintain a straight line, and paint the FACE of it? Either way, this wall needs paint.

Option #2: Do I Keep the other wall its same color, and paint this wall. This is a LONG wall that extends from the Kitchen into the Living Room. It also has a shelf, and an archway into the Master and Laundry. I think I can avoid painting those, but should I give this wall some color? I want it to be Neutral (so no REDS or Bright colors). I like the color of our couch, but I don't want them to blend into a BLAH. So how do I choose what color to use?

Option #3: Do I paint this wall? Again there is a shelf, and archway, but it also extends above the shelf in the kitchen. We also have this icky Oak hutch. I like the idea of a Hutch, but Hate the color of it. So do I paint the Hutch Black? Has anyone ever painted Oak? Is that a bad idea. You can see my kitchen cabinets are the same color of the hutch. They are cheap and also very icky fake wood. So do I paint them and add hardware?? I know that would be a HUGE job, but I think I could handle it. Can they be painted? I have no idea about anything. I don't even know where to start, but I need to break out of my beige world. Please Help! I know tons of you have a good eye and have painted your own homes. So I really need some advice. Leave a comment and let me know what you think. It can be a long comment, I don't care. Keep in Mind, I HAVE to paint the 1st wall that I talked about, weather it be the same color, or a different one. put on your thinking cap and tell me what you would do.

Monday, September 28, 2009

4 MonthsToday

I can't believe it! My baby is 4 months old today! I don't know where the time goes!

Here are some things about my little guy.

He is so big, he's stretching out of his 6mo. clothing.

He is a mama's boy and preferrs that I hold him.

He loves to talk to me.

He's not much with the loud laughter...just a huge smiley grin with his mouth gaping open.

He loves to suck on his fingers or Nuk.

If he's upset, the best way to calm him is to throw a blanket over his face, or lay him on his tummy.

He's decided he needs to wake up at least three times in the night so that I can give him his nuk.

He will only sleep 8 hours at night (usually 8 to 3 or 4)

He loves to watch his sisters play, but doesn't really like them messing with him.

He's bald, he's chubby, and I love him to pieces.

Here is some really funny video of Alex trying to feed him Rice cereal, and another of Logan trying to figure out the rattle.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kinda Corny!

We have this AWESOME family in our ward that owns the Corn Maze out here in Kuna! So every year they allow everyone in the Ward to come and bring friends to the Corn maze, plus get a scone all for FREE! This is the first time we've done it and it was a BLAST! There is so much there for kids to do. We didn't get pictures of everything, but the fun included:

The corn maze (there is a small route for those who don't want to venture the miles inside)

A Cow train


A mini maze of Hay Bails for wee ones

a Huge air jump

A big "corn box" ( corn kernels instead of sand)

A Hay ride

Pumpkin Patch


An entertainment Ring (singers and performers)

and more more more.....

We didn't do everything, but we had an absolute BLAST!

Friday, September 25, 2009

In 20 minutes...

....when you are oh so tired, your eyes won't stay open, you need a nap so bad you almost don't care what your small children could do, or even what could happen in those wee minutes you slip into silent slumber. So tired that the only thing that matters is that your weighed down eyes and weepy pathetic self surrenders to the sleep that is overcoming you. In 20 surrender, the bathroom faucet is running, lights on, kitchen chair is pushed to the counter, medicine bottles are out (thank you medicine companies for inventing child proof caps!), glue stick is out, cups of water are sitting on the living room floor, booster seat is up on the couch, toothbrushes out on the living room floor, lets not forget the toys, and the phones are off the hook. Nice job kids! Thanks for not killing Logan :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Conversations with.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday, I was cleaning house when Dejah and Mycah came in. Dejah says, "Mom! Do we look like ROCKET STARS?" I thought it was so cute and funny. Dejah was wearing a swim suit with stretch pants underneath, socks, pink jelly slippers and her "rocket star" sun glasses. Mycah was sporting Her "rocket star" sunglasses, a diaper, shirt that looks like a dress, and some black Sunday shoes. Funny girls!

As for Me. Not only am I getting low quality amounts of sleep, I am also....LOSING my hair!! Ughhh! I always HATE this stage after having a baby! I guess its completely normal to lose crazy amounts of hair starting three months after having a baby. Supposedly my hair will be back to normal when Logan is about a year old! Ughh again! As you can see in the starts in the front and works its way around my face. I can literally pull chunks out of my head in the shower on a daily basis. I am shedding so much, Alex is finding it in his food, clothing, and towels. Gross huh!? I would do a cute short cut, but its taken me sooooo long to grow it back out, I just can't bring myself to do it.

As far as other things go. Mycah said to me this morning, while pointing at my gut, "Ners a bay be n' neer". I say "oh no, that's just fat". "Ooh, itz fant", she replies. So everyone, its time to make a resolve and get myself back in shape. Three babys, and it just doesn't "fall off" like it used to. I've made a decision to buy a treadmill and squeeze it somewhere in my tiny house and get some kind of work out. So if any of you know someone who wants to sell one used, or you find a good deal, let me know. I've learned that I can't leave the house to work out, and I don't do work-out tapes well (unless its 8min abs, buns, and thighs, which I don't own). I think I will feel better physically, and mentally. I need it for my health. I plan to start slow and not set my goals too high at first. I guess I'd better get the treadmill first.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hey, Mikey Likes It!

Do you remember this commercial?

Have you ever had one of these moments??

Today I ventured "outside the box". Instead of making the usual P.B.&J, corndog, grilled cheese, ect., I decided to have my girls try a Ham and Cheese sandwich for lunch. Can you believe they ate every speck of their sandwiches!! Yeah! You may be thinking, "is she serious?", "she's never made her kids ham n' cheese sandwiches?". My answer to you is YES, I never have! What kind of Mom am I? Well, I'll tell you. I'm the kind of Mom that doesn't like to eat sandwiches..and PB&J's have always worked. It looks like I can add another food to my girls' short list of "likes".

Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Little Sneak

Mycah has become quite the sneaky 2 1/2 yr old. Today I caught her in the kitchen, sitting on the floor, with the big tub of Nesquick opened, face COVERED in chocolate, eating spoon fulls of chocolate milk powder.
This evening she decided to poor herself a small bowl of Gerber Rice Cereal. Of course, Dejah told on her, and I found her sitting on the couch, in the dark, with powdered Gerber cereal in a bowl, spoon in hand. EWWW! I wish I had pictures!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Anyone want to Join Me?

I don't know about you...but I am SOOOOO excited for this movie to come out next week! I rarely go to full priced, new release movies, but this is a must see for me. I LOVE dance and music. I've been out of the scene for quite a while, but it still burns inside me. One of the girls from "So You Think You Can Dance", Kherington Payne, is in this. The movie hits theaters next week, so if anyone wants to join me for Ladies Night...let me know and we will arrange it! Yay!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Have you ever gone to a fast food joint and wind up not getting what you ordered??? Well, I have. The most disappointing part is when you arrive home before realizing it. Anyway, Last night for our FHE, we took our girls to the park and to the ONLY fast food joint in Kuna (Arctic Circle) for ice cream. They have these courtesy cones that are free with a purchase of anything. So Alex proceeded to order my fav....a Chocolate Ice Cream Milk shake with yummy crunchy Butterfinger mixed in. Yum you say??? Yah, if they would get it right! I honestly can't tell you how many times they have screwed up this order. For some stupid reason they can't seem to comprehend that Chocolate Ice Cream, and Vanilla Ice cream mixed with icky chocolate syrup is NOT THE SAME!!! It doesn't taste the same, so why do that??? Especially when specified..."Chocolate Ice Cream Shake"!!? I am so annoyed! Can you tell? :) So this is my "complaint blog" to all of you fast food joints that can't figure it out!....especially Kuna. Or maybe a better idea....I should just quit going out for sweet indulgences! That imitation icky version of a yummy shake will sit in my freezer till my kids decide to eat it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Check it Out!

Ok folks! I know I've already posted a New Moon trialer, but here is another one to get you excited! Can't wait! Just click on the link in RED .

Friday, September 11, 2009

Where were you 8 Years ago today??

MY 9-11

I've been thinking alot about my strengths and weaknesses. Mostly my weaknesses. Anyway, I thought I'd share some in a 9-11 sort of way.

So here are NINE weaknesses.

1. I am NOT a morning person.

-This is something I really wish I could change. I don't think I get good quality sleep (and even if I do), if I have to wake up to an alarm clock or crying baby...or child who is ready to be up, my whole body aches. I am literally in pain and get a huge headache right off the bat. My body screams at me to crawl back in bed. If I could sleep solid from 10:30 to 8am it would be ideal.

2. I come across as stuck up.

-I've been told many times by good friends that when they first met me, they thought I was stuck up. My senior year of High School I didn't get asked to Prom...a good guy friend told me the guys were intimidated by me.....what??? Anyway, I promise you I am not. It is my "shy streak" coming through. NOT confidence. You may not think I'm shy, thats because its taken me alot of practice to step out of my comfort zone to talk to people I don't know. Still, I have a tendency to keep to myself and that is TOTALLY my shy side. I fear judgment. I love making friends though and love to socialize once I've gotten comfortable with someone.

3. I don't eat well.

- I don't know what happened, but ever since I had Dejah my appetite for food has gone down. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE food! But my hunger triggers decide when I eat. If I don't feel hungry, I don't eat. When I feel hungry, I like to eat junk or yummy food. Once I feel satisfied...I stop. I need a more balanced diet...maybe I'd feel better if I did.

4. I hate to cook.

- If I could eat out everyday...I totally would! (I'd probably also gain a ton of weight) I dread dinner time everyday because it requires preparation, cooking, feeding kids, and tons of clean up afterwards....ick!

5. I spend most days in soft, loose, baggy clothing, with my hair pulled back and NO make-up on.

- Getting "pretty" every day takes too much work! I am usually at home all day and see NO-ONE but my kids. Alex doesn't get home till right before bed time, so why spend time just to undo it at the end of the day?

6. I am NOT funny.

- I've never claimed to be an entertainer to the crowds. This is one thing I wouldn't mind being better at. I always admire the person who is outgoing and makes people laugh with their witty personality. Again, I tend to sit to the side and just listen.

7. I am Opinionated.

- This is inherited by my Dad! Sometimes I'm being opinionated about something and I don't even know it. So if you are ever in a conversation with me and I am spouting off about something you may not completely agree with, just know I am not trying to belittle you or your ideas, its totally me being me...and I'm probably not aware that I'm even doing it.

8. I Stress about Money.

- If I have to confront budget issues or get real with money, I stress so bad I won't eat or sleep well. It makes me want to vomit and I get a HUGE headache. I try really hard not to let it get to me, and just do my best to combat it. I don't need much. I can live on very little. But if I have to think about money, I am a stressed person. This is why Alex does the bills.

9. I am NOT physically healthy.

- I don't like to exercise unless it is in the form of recreation. This is too bad, because I think if I worked out regularly, not only would I feel better, but I'd be one HOT MaMa :)

OK, Now ELEVEN strengths!

1. Once a Friend, Always a friend!
2. I am really good at Forgiving. I will forgive Anyone!
3. I Love all my Family! In laws included! And I love spending time with them.
4. I'm a good "baker' of goodies
5. I think I'm easy going
6. I don't need a bunch of "stuff" to feel good
7. I can sing. (or I used to be able to :) )
8. I Love to serve
9. I will go out with out make-up or hair done, and I don't care.
10. I won't judge anyone's choice of religion, and I'm willing to share any info about mine to those who are curious.
11. I have been EXTREMELY blessed by the Lord to be surrounded by amazing kids, husband, parents, siblings, in-laws and friends...and guess what...I have so much room for more!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Kids

I don't have much to "blog" about. I just wanted to post some fun pictures of my kids. Alex took some pictures the other day...which he rarely does. They were being really cute, so it was a photo op well spent. I did a couple fun things with some of the pictures. Here they are.
Look at how big my little Mycah is getting :(

Can't we just tell them to stop growing up?

This is a funny shot of Logan. He looks like a deer in headlights. Anyway, I just can't stop kissing this kid. He is so cuddly and soft. I just love his little lips and cheeks, and I love to rub my face against his little soft bald head. He is a little over 3 months old now and is fitting into 6mo clothing. Time for some shopping.

I love my monkeys!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Kramer Lakes

Over Labor Day Weekend, Alex took another backpacking trip to the Sawtooths. This time he went with my brother Derek, and my Sister's Husband Tory. I guess it was a beautiful Hike. Alex really enjoys these backpacking trips and hopes to go more next summer. Here are his pictures.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Oh the 80's

Holy Cow! I totally forgot! There was this show called "The Ewoks"! I LOVED...that movie! (There are two of them). Ok, so try to find it now...good luck. You can't find it on You Tube, and it costs $40 minimum to buy used! So if anyone has it. I want to borrow it :)

Were you a Movie/Tv junkie as a child??? I must have been, although I have many many memories of other things as well, so I will just say I had a balanced childhood. ;)

I've been thinking alot about the favorite movies and TV shows I had as a kid. Wow! I was a strange one. These are the ones that stick out in my mind the most.

1st: Labyrinth

....about a girl who has to go through this crazy maze to rescue her baby brother from the Knome King....something like that. Loved it!

2nd: Ok this one's a bit creepier. Legend. Tom Cruiz the hero, and the girl from the movie "Ferris Bueler's Day off" as the "damsel in distress". Also, loved it.

3rd: Probably the Most creepy of them all, The Dark Crystal. I don't know how old I was when I first saw this, but I was completely Mesmerized! To this day the cover just creeps me out. Its a Jim Hensen, and unforgettable to me.

4th: Swan Lake

I don't know what it was about the Anime' movies, I guess the girls were always pretty and the stories always had a strange twist. You know the story, and I liked it.

5th: Here is another Anime. This one probably sticks out in my mind the MOST!

The Last Unicorn! Also, very unforgettable.

6th: I had a hard time finding a picture for this one. This is also an Anime called Marina, The Little Mermaid.

Much like the Disney story about a mermaid princess wanting to be with her human prince and gives up her voice to do so. But this one had a tragic ending. The prince could not be with her, so in order to return to her family in the sea, she had to kill the prince. She decided she loved him too much, so she sacrificed her life and turned to sea foam.

Wasn't I strange???
Ok, on to TV Shows! Are you ready??

#1: She Ra!!

I loved this show so much I even had a figurine! :) Its a break from the He Man series. She is He Man's twin sister, kidnapped from birth.

#2: Charmkins

Have you ever heard of it?? Well, my sister and I loved this one. I don't think it was around very long, but my sister has all the figurines to this one.

#3: Car Bears

I'm sure most people remember this one. They've even brought the care bears back today.

#4: My Little Pony

They also brought this one back and modernized it.

#5 Rainbow Brite

#6 Strawberry Shortcake

#7 The littles

Can you remember your favorites??? And can you believe that you can watch all of these on You Tube? Amazing huh. Anyway, make a comment and tell me your favorites, this should be fun.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, life in the Beal home has hit full throttle for the next two semesters. Alex is back to work as a Diesel Instructor for CWI. He is also busy with two Master's classes for each semester. And he is gun-ho on his calling in the church as the Ward Mission Leader, which takes him away from us 1 to 2 evenings every week. Throw on some work stuff at home...Alex is a busy man.
Dejah has started kindergarten. She does half days Monday through Friday mornings. I get up around 7:15 (which wouldn't be so bad if I wasn't getting up with Logan). Anyway, I make her breakfast, get her dressed, and her hair done. Then I load all three kids into the van for the short drive to the school. Our school district has decided we live within a mile and a half of the we don't get the bus. Too far for my little one to walk, which leaves me transporting all my kids back and forth Four times every day. I drop her off in the morning, which is nice because I can do it in my P.J.'s, but when school is out, I load my two up, get to the school, unload and carry Logan and wait for Mycah's slow walk to Dejah's classroom. Get her, come back to the car, load up again, just to unload again when we get home. They are all ready for lunch, so my day starts around 1:00. No big deal though...just very inconvenient. I'm just glad I don't have an older kid that gets out around 2:30...that would be a mess!!
The past couple of days I've been feeling a bit down. Nothing for anyone to get concerned about, just the stresses of the world getting to me. I know everyone is having their own bit of hardships. We live in difficult times. Sure, its no great depression, but we are dealing with things that weren't even a problem then. Sometimes I feel like I am on a slow sinking ship with no life boats. I ask myself, when is this going to end? When will the light of relief com? Lucky for me I am surrounded with little "life jackets" kids and my husband. Those little smiles and giggles lift my spirits just enough that I don't sink.
As far as everyday stuff goes, I have 4 sisters/sister-in-laws (no particular order or names) who are all Prego! Yeah for them! Mycah is 2 1/2 and totally NOT interested in going potty like a big girl! Logan is growing like a weed. He is totally a Mama's boy. We still can't tell what color his eyes are going to be. They are a dark blue with brown in them, so we'll see. Dejah loves school. I don't really know how much she is learning though. I guess only time will tell. This weekend for Labor Day Alex is going on One more Hike to the Sawtooths with my Brother Derek and Brother-in-law Tory. They are leaving Friday and coming back Monday. My Parents are going on vaca' to the Oregon Coast. My Sisters and I will be invading my Mom's house with our kids for a "Slumber-Party"!
Heres to the weekend, and to the future of our lives. Hopefully we can all find some light in these dark times.