Saturday, May 30, 2009

Three Days Old

1st day Home

So far everything is going alright. Our little guy keeps us on our toes. His first night was beautiful. He woke up to eat and be changed and went right back to sleep. The second night, that one got us. He would wake up, eat, be changed. Then an hour later he would wake up soaked through and poopy. Then he'd do it all over again. One things for sure....he poops, and I have yet to figure out how to keep the pee in the diaper. Hopefully tonight will be better. Our girls are home with us now too, so this should be interesting.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome Baby Logan!

Logan Alex Beal
Born May 27, 2009 at 5:56am
Weight: 7lbs 9oz
Length: 19 1/2 inches
Labor: Difficult
Reward: Priceless
Welcome Home
Dejah lovin' on him

Mycah lovin' on himSo here's the story Of course you all know I was very anxious. My girls both came two weeks early, why not Logan!
Around midnight my water broke. The contractions I was having all day became instantly painful and we were out of here. We still hadn't slept. We called my Mom and she headed over to stay with the kids and we took off. When they checked me I was dilated to a 4. We headed up to the delivery room where I got a beautiful epidural. Lets thank our lucky stars for that beautiful drug, because wouldn't you know it, he was "sunny side up"!!! The boy just wanted to see everything all at once! So of course this made for a very hard labor. I pushed for an hour and a half! The Dr. worked very very hard to help him turn. He had his hands up me for an hour!! Like I said...Thank you EPIDURAL! I still felt alot, but it was tolerable.
He made his entrance and we are so excited to have him. Tonight will be our first night home with him. We can't wait for you all to meet him!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I figured it was time to get my "list" together. I forgot that there are actually quite a few things I still need to get in order before Jr. arrives. You know, dumb stuff that we would rather not think about like...breast pads, maxi pads, tucks pads, lanolin cream...etc... etc.... Anyhow, anxious is an understatement to how I am feeling. He could arrive anywhere from today to next Monday when the Dr. induces me. I have alot of contractions, but nothing I would start timing. I have an appointment tomorrow. I'm not going to get my hopes up on my progression though. I did that with Mycah and I was only dilated a 1/2. She was born a couple days later. So my focus for today will be taking care of that "LIST". I need to start packing a bag and deciding what to pack for my girls. I just need to stay busy busy busy. Anyone want to come over for a BBQ???? :) I need some socializing BAD! Its practically summer and I am ready for bike rides, BBQ's, boating and wake boarding, sun, flowers....all of it!!
So the other day I was looking at Alex. He was dressed absolutely ridiculous!! I couldn't believe I had let my husband out of the house looking that way. I realized that it really has been years since Alex has had a wardrobe makeover. I sometimes feel like I never get new clothes, but Alex has truly been put on the back burner. He never complains though. He's gotten a few hand-me-downs from his brothers, but nothing significant. So Friday was his day. I told him, "that's enough...I don't care how much it are getting new clothes!". I'm surprised he lasted in the mall that long, but it was so nice, he got to pick what he wanted and now my hubby is a new man!!
Well everyone, I'm hoping my next Post will be ALL BABY! We'll see.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Get the Hint????

I just had to take a picture of this. Yesterday we went to the park for a "playgroup" thing. Of course, as things normally go, Dejah did NOT eat. She gets so caught up on playing that I can't get her to stop for just one minute to sit and eat the fabulous lunches these Moms provide. We came home and of course soon after, Dejah starts complaining that shes hungry. Determined to teach my daughter a lesson I tell her, "Sorry, but you will just have to learn to eat lunch when everyone else is eating." I mean c'mon, there were P.B. sandwiches, chips, granola bars, carrot sticks....and I have to come home and spend what little energy I have to make her something special?? Oh, no. Well, about and hour later I look up on my kitchen counter and Dejah has nicely placed out everything I need to make her a P.B.J. I had to just chuckle inside because it was just too cute. I made her a sandwich and she downed it without hesitation.

As far as my Prego state goes...not so good. You think I was ready before????........I have had NO energy. I can't do the simplest tasks. I just feel spent. I don't know how the heck I'm going to get up to feed a baby if I'm already feeling this worn. I am in the middle of 50 projects that just can't seem to get done. I go to bed at night taking a Tylenol PM to help me sleep, a Zantac to not puke while I'm trying to sleep, and stool softeners like they are going out of business. Make-up? Church? The grocery store? Consider my desire for these things GONE. Maybe I'll get lucky and he will come when my Mom and Dad get back from Missouri. My next apt. is Wednesday, and I will be induced the following Monday. Until may not see another Blog entry for a while.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beal Family in Town

Yesterday was Alex's official last day of work for the summer! I'm so excited! Anyway, it was a nice day out and I couldn't bring myself to just sit at home all day. My Sister's kid attends a preschool that was going to the Zoo. She invited me along and we got in for $4! We've been to the Zoo quite a few times so went to see the Best things first. I wasn't sure I could muster up more than a 1/2 hour of walking. Here is Mycah looking into the Penguin tank. Here is Dejah, Chase and Mycah in a little wood hut before we took them to see the giraffes and Lions.
After my 1/2 hour at the Zoo, I took off over to Alex's work. His brother Keaton (who is still in High School) was running in State Track. (Guy on the top center of picture) He beat his personal best! Congrats Keat!

Here are the girls sitting with their Grandma Beal or Granny as we call her. Its really nice when Alex's parents come to town. We don't get to see them very much and the girls just love it!

That evening, Alex's brother Gabe had a big BBQ at his house with all the Beals in town. The total head count was 13 Adults and 10 kids. It was a good time! I LOVE....LOVE....LOVE BBQ's. We even had a little Bonn fire when it cooled down outside. Sorry no pics.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Tribute to Grandpa

My Grandpa Willis passed away today. He was an Amazing man who dedicated his life to serving the Lord. I will greatly miss him and look forward to seeing him again some day. The last time I saw him was when Dejah was a baby. So here are a few slides of him with my sweet baby Dejah and a couple of Me as a baby.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Early Scare and More

Sunday-Mother's Day

It started like most Sunday mornings. Not alot going on. I really wanted a shower, so after sitting at the computer for a little I got up and headed to that place I usually Always look forward too.- My nice HOT shower. Lets just say, it didn't turn out that great. My varicose veins "down below" and in my leg were KILLING me!! I could hardly stand. I was grasping my leg and thigh in complete agony, just trying to make it through shampoo and conditioner. I finally got out of there and wrapped up in a robe while tears of pain rolled down my face. I hobbled out to the living room where I could lay down and prop up my leg. I laid there for a little and realized I was having contractions about every 10 minutes or so. Not quite sure what to do, I called my neighbor who is a nurse and she told me to drink two glasses of water and lay down on my left side for a while. When the pain eased up I got up to dry my hair. (Not a good thing to let it air dry). Anyway, I had a hard time doing that as well. There was just so much pressure in my back, pelvis and leg. I made my way back to the couch....again. I continued to time the contractions...they were pretty irregular and inconsistent in intensity. After a little I was finally able to get up and get dressed. I decided there was NO WAY I would make it to church. So I just took some time to lay down that day. Alex took the girls to church and I relaxed. Things got better. So, no early baby. Not that I don't want him yet, but his due date isn't until June 8th, so even another week would be better for him. That evening we went to my Mom's and enjoyed some time watching all the kids play. That was my Sunday.

Monday- Obsession Continued!

So the "Discount Queens and Hooked on Savings Blogs" posted that the Temple here in Boise diggs up their bulbs every spring and lets anyone who wants them come dig some up and keep them!! Flowers you say?????? and FREE????? Oh my, this is NOT something I can resist no matter how Prego I am!!! I wanted them! The temple grounds were opening at 6am. There was no amount of convincing to get my husband to do it for me. I was just going to give up on those precious free bulbs, but found myself waking up all night about it. All I could dream about was digging up flowers. I would wake up and look at the clock just to find out it was still the middle of the night.
5:30am hits, and wouldn't you know it....Mycha was up! I was a little thrilled because I probably wouldn't have woke up on my own. So I put her back to bed, threw on some necessary clothing, grabbed my hand shovel and a couple buckets and headed to the temple. It was still dark, but there were people there just digging away. A man directed me to an area covered in tulips and pansies. I only had a 1/2 hour to get done because Alex works. So I got very muddy digging up flowers. Here is what I was able to grab in that short amount of time.
I kept some of the tulips in tact with their bulbs for planting now. The rest of them, I just popped off the top and threw the bulbs in a bucket. I will leave them there until the fall, then find a good place to plant them. Next spring I should have GADS of tulips...somewhere :)
Here are the ones I kept in tact.
Here are the Pansies. They will only live this summer, but still they are in great shape and make a great addition to my yard.

Here is the box I put together for them for this season. After they die off (which should be soon) I will probably dig them back up for replanting in the fall. We'll see.
Here is a distant shot. It doesn't look like much, but it was a big day yesterday!!! A BIG day of work!
Monday- My Dr. Appointment
It was my first check up "down below". I got the Strep B test and then the Dr. had a look. So far, baby is high up. No dilation. Cervix is softened to about 50%. Nothing huge. Not alot of progress at this point. My next appointment is in two weeks. We'll see how it goes.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Saturday, the girls were invited to a little birthday party. They had a jump house and had tons of fun!

Happy Birthday Taylen :)

Thanks for all the food and Fun!
Later that evening we finally got some sand for the Sandbox!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


I've decided that Moms don't get enough sleep. You get pregnant...In the beginning, you can't sleep because you feel nauseous all night. Then you are hungry all night. Then the baby gets big and you are uncomfortable. Then the baby gets really big and not only are you extremely uncomfortable, you are kept up by a very wiggly infant who rolls around during the night, smashing your bladder and stretching his little body, making you wince in agony and having to pee all night. You finally have the little wiggle worm, and they need your "attention" or should I say Swollen Milk Jugs. And when they start sleeping longer, you are waking up because those "swollen milk jugs" are even more swollen. Eventually this all begins to subside. That little wiggle worm starts to sleep longer and you are just starting to get sleep since it started a year and a half ago...then..."hunny, we're Pregnant!!" Only this time around, you've got a toddler who decides to "not sleep", and decides that naps are no longer necessary, leaving you...well, sleep deprived. The story continues on. More babies, then teenagers. How in the HECK to we do this? Ahhhh, the power of a Mother. So, "sleep?", forget it. Who needs it anyway? I think I'll try to go get some now.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stay in BED!!!!!

Oh the drama! You would not believe Mycah's "new thing". And what a good time for this "problem" to arrive. My little baby that used to go down so nicely, and sleep all night, and sleep in.....GONE! They don't tell you that once you get that little infant sleeping through the night, just wait until they turn age 2...2 1/2. They are going to start testing "bed time". Dejah did it, I kind of remember. But of course all children are different. So now this "fear" of climbing off the top bunk...GONE! She has NO problem with the climb. We usually always follow a routine. P.J.'s, brush teeth, prayers, kisses and tuck in, and good night. Lately, Mycah has been SCREAMING when we leave the room. She would eventually just get over it and go to sleep. Now, she screams, then climbs down and comes out. I have given her warnings, spankings, you name it! Its like she feeds off the drama. Friday night she was up and in our room at 4 in the morning. Ouch! Especially to a Prego mom who has a hard enough time sleeping anyway. The drama was way worse in the middle of the night too. At 6 am we were so tired I gave up and she crashed in our bed. Two nights ago she did the same thing....and the "drama" was so bad I will just spare you the details. Basically Alex just gave up and left for work at 6. Ok, so yesterday I did some research. It seems to be very common among toddlers. They test their parents, and feed off of reaction. The best advice, DON'T react. You do your routine, kiss them good night, then leave the room. First time out of bed, say "No, its bed time". Put them in bed and leave. Every time after that, you don't react, don't say ANYTHING, just scoop them up and put them in bed. At first this may take hours, but eventually they stay. Last night Alex was gone at school, so I was on my own. I did exactly what the "Super Nanny" suggested. I ended up putting her back in bed Five times! It took her about a 1/2 hour, but she stayed. She was tired, so I'm surprised it took her that long. There was less drama, and I'm glad. The hardest part is that she is hard for me to lift up on the bunk, my body hurts. Anyway, I'm hoping she'll eventually just "get it" and stay. If anyone has any other advice I am ALL EARS!

Monday, May 4, 2009

The Countdown is ON!

As of today, I am only FOUR weeks away from delivery. My Dr. said he could induce me on June 1st or 2nd. So unless little Logan decides to make his entrance earlier, that is how much time I have left. My girls both came two weeks earlier than their due dates. If that happens with this one, I will only have 3 to 3 1/2 weeks left. Anyway who's counting??? Oh ya, me :)
So yesterday I wasn't having a good prego day. I was feeling very emotional, tired, achy, you name it. On the other hand, I WAS having a great hair day. Church kind of makes me required to do my hair and make-up at least once a week. Since I don't really have any pictures of me Prego with my girls, I have really been wanting to get some pictures of this one. So to explain, I am NOT a model!! I NEVER know what to do with my face or how to pose.

I had Alex take some pictures of me before I threw my hair up into a scrunchy and washed my makeup off. I will honestly say, he really wasn't interested in taking pictures because he was being LAZY!! So I was forced to stand in front of the closet as Mycah hung on my legs. He didn't even attempt to zoom in (the originals are really far back), so I've tried to fix up the pictures the best I could.
Afterward, I decided to take one of myself. Anyway...not great photos...but you can see my Baby Belly as it is today. Now lets really hope he doesn't get much bigger in the next few weeks. I already feel stretched to my limits!

Friday, May 1, 2009

When We Stay Home...

Dejah's Favorites
*All bedding is removed from beds to jump and play in.
*Couch pillows find their way onto the floor and seem to always make it there no matter how many times Mom puts them back.
*All clothing drawers are opened, partly emptied onto floor, and outfit changes every hour become strewn across other parts of the house throughout the day.
*Fridge is opened. Food is pulled out, and eating what you want whenever you want because Mom is neglectful to feed full meals.
*Toilet is rarely flushed

Mycah's Favorites
*Utensils in Kitchen get pulled out of drawers
*Toilet scrubber is carried around the house like its some fun toy to play with.
*Mom's makeup gets pulled out, foundation opened, and smeared
*Daddy's glasses can't seem to keep a hiding place
*Toothpaste and toothbrushes get used and left on the floor
*DVD case gets opened and emptied
*Naps are becoming less, because Mycah has overcome the "fear" of climbing off the top bunk bed.
*Wipies get emptied and used on baby dolls or whatever (she loves to rub them all over her face)
*Mom's purse and wallet...emptied

*Toy room is relocated to the living room and my bedroom
*My dishes....become toy dishes
*Baby Doll clothes are never on babies, always on the floor
*Dad and Mom's shoes become dress-up shoes
*Dress up clothes pulled out...never put back
*Baby's car seat becomes a toy
*If there is a laundry basket not folded up yet...the clean clothing gets dumped onto the floor so the basket can become a "boat".
*If its a nice day get dragged out to the backyard and left all over the ground.
*Any dirt outside becomes a personal sand box

There is so much more, but you know what? I love my kids. I know I could do so much more to prevent all this, pregnancy is just so wearing. I have no desire (or energy) to follow behind my kids every step of the way just to maintain a clean and orderly home. At this point I just pick a couple times a day to recruit their help in cleaning up. They don't do a great job, but at least I can get them to help. They are healthy and happy, and I am so grateful for that.
On Monday, I will have FOUR weeks until the Dr. will induce if I go early I'm looking at a few more weeks to go! YAY!!