Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Time

Yesterday was the day! The day to get Crackin' on the Potty training. I've been trying to encourage her for a long time , but it was a fight every time. Mycah would bawl and throw fits, so I just figured she wasn't ready. Well, Alex is home for the summer (so far), so what a good time to have some of his help. The 1st day was about 50/50. We went through several pairs of underwear and clothes. Yesterday, much better. I stayed home ALL DAY and she had success just going without much encouragement from me. This morning she pulled her diaper off on her own and went. We haven't had any accidents today so far. Yay! She is even going #2 in her potty. We are so proud of her strides and gets lots of praise, loves, and treats! I think it has really helped to get her a little portable potty. She'll take it where she wants to be. So for now, I'll take it. Later we'll try to graduate to the "real deal". Wish us luck on further success.

(like my modesty black-out?)
Here are my other two Monkeys!

Ahhhhh! The joys of having a break :)

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  1. I never did those little potties. It was the "real deal" or "no deal" for us! Good luck!