Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ugly Naked Belly Shot!

Never in my life have I EVER taken a "Naked Belly Shot"..NEVER NEVER NEVER!


What do you do when your Husband is gone for four Days leaving you in a state of "madness"??

Answer: Take your very first "Ugly Naked Belly Shot"!

  • All I have to say is Thank editing software! I haven't washed my hair today. No make-up was put on. The same ol' clothes I have been wearing since I began to expand are being worn yet again. So...a little contrast adjustment, removal of color and I'm not too extremely embarrassed to post this where the world can see it. Although I HAD to cover that belly button! Gag! Only my sweet husband gets that luxury (if you dare call it that)!

  • You see, when I was a bit younger I thought it would be kinda' cool to pierce my own belly button...only I didn't want it deep. And I didn't want to pay for it! Needless to say, I did it, and I did it shallow and it was cute for about a week until my body started to reject its home-made shallowness! Leaving me with a nice little scar. My first baby came, then the second, then the third, welcome #4 and that scar is not so "unnoticeable"! Gross can't even describe its form. So, "ugly naked belly shot" is....not going to be as ugly as it would be without the hand covering it!

  • I had my Dr. apt today. I am 35 1/2 to 36 weeks along. She is head down! In two weeks I will get the strep test and they will check my progression. YAY!! He told me if I were to go into labor in the next week and a half he wouldn't stop it. My goal...3 1/2 weeks! So in a couple weeks I will be doing everything possible to "encourage" quick progression!
  • Again no names are solid. My pick so far is (drum roll please...)
  • Alex is not sold on this name...not one any suggestion is greatly appreciated. Loves!


  1. Love the naked belly shot! I did a ton of those with Maddix but for some reason I haven't done any with this one.
    I love the name Lexie! So cute! That's my vote :)

  2. love the photos too! Dejah looks SOO much like you it's crazy!!
    That's really funny about your belly button! I never knew that! I was wondering why you covered it...i was thinking an outie wouldn't be too obvious in the front on shot!
    I like Lexi!

    I'll give suggestions though for Alex.
    Rian (Ryan)

  3. You're hilarious! :) When all else fails, taked naked belly photos, right? I have zero name suggestions for a girl - I think that's why we end up with boys. But, Lexi is pretty darn cute.

  4. I think your pregnant belly is beautiful! You are a very beautiful pregnant woman...and very tiny to top it off!!!

  5. I like Lexi, any spelling, but here's some that were on our list, that we didn't use. :)

  6. You look great, Anna! That is funny about your belly button. I had a similar experience. I had my pierced, and then when I got pregnant with Tegan as I expanded it expanded, and actually ripped in half. I went in to have her, and had a huge bandaid over it because it kept splitting open and bleeding...bad! Doctor Bragg was shocked when he saw it. Now it is a HUGE nasty scar. It hurt too. The more I grew the more I could feel it splitting open. Oh, the things we do when we are young.

  7. I love your naked belly shots!! I'm with you though, I never take pics of my belly. It seriously gets freakishly huge! I really like Lexie...sounds like Alex just needs to jump on the bandwagon ;)