Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just Because its Right, Doesn't Make it Easy

What a crazy couple of weeks.  As soon as I knew what direction we were headed with our house, the ball started rolling.  The renter I had didn't work out so I quickly re-listed the house.  We got some new renters.  Small family with two kids.  We'll see how they do.

I had to figure out where my girls were going to school.  That was hard.  Apparently the schools out here in Eagle are mostly charter or magnet schools, which requires an application.  There are two open enrollment schools and one of them is year round.  Anyway, not a big fan of year round so I chose Eagle Hills.

We had a list of things to do to our house to make it rent ready.  Broken Mailbox, Broken lock on sliding door, re caulk bathrooms, buy a fridge, the list goes on.  Then my parents had to get their house ready.  Oh my.  Years of stuff collected needed to find a new place.  I organized a yard sale.  The turn out was ok, but nothing too special.  At the end of the day a couple people volunteered to come haul off the leftovers.  My parents just closed their eyes and off it went.

After that we started the clean up and making space for our stuff.  The basement isn't ready.  My Mom and Dad wanted to take the opportunity to finish most of the basement.  Lets just say they have been working really hard everyday to get us down there. Back at our house we started packing a cleaning.  We picked up a Uhaul on a Tuesday evening and finished unloading it at my parents house Wednesday evening.  Thursday and Friday we cleaned cleaned cleaned.  Saturday the carpet cleaner came and we signed a lease with our new tenants.

Right now, our stuff is stored out in the shop and the garage.  We are sleeping upstairs in the two guest rooms and living out of boxes.  It is kinda crazy, but at least my girls are started in their new school.  They are liking it so far.

As for me.  Lets just say I haven't gone one day without crying yet.  Its been hard.  I miss my friends.  My stupid little house.  My ward.  My girls school schedules.  My DVR, My space.  I feel really bad for being in my parents space.  I have tons of emotions running through me constantly.  I feel out of place.  Embarrassed. I just don't feel like myself.  Logan has asked everyday if we can go home now.  Lexi is extra needy.  Logan's potty training is also at a hault.  He'll go pee in the toilet, but he refuses to go #2.  He holds it for days.  He's a pretty stubborn kid, so I guess I'm not too surprised.

Everyday seems do get a little easier for me.  I think it will get even better when we get to move downstairs.  For now, I am just trying to adjust to my new schedule and being completely out of my comfort zone.